House of Cheer Tour Tickets


House of Cheer is a traveling professional cheerleading company. As the only event of its kind, this tour aims to showcase cheer athletes as entertainers as well as showcase their athletic abilities through cheer. Part pop concert, part athletic spectacle – House of Cheer is genuinely unique in this regard!

Netflix’s Emmy Award-winning docuseries CHEER will take its thrilling stunts on tour this summer with 38 dates between San Diego, CA, and Raleigh, North Carolina. It will start June 1 in San Diego and conclude July 17 in Raleigh.

Theatrical Performance

House of Cheer is a professional cheerleading company that travels throughout the country to showcase top cheerathletes. Their show is part pop concert and part athletic performance with over 25 costume changes, as well as inspiring young people to pursue their passions.

Fans can expect to see Navarro College cheer stars Gabi Butler, Maddy Brum, Morgan Simianer, and Andy Cosferent perform at these shows alongside Trinity Valley Community College athletes like Kory Little, Angel Rice, and Dee Joseph from Trinity Valley Community College. This summer, the project founded by Monica Aldama and Andy Cosferent will visit 38 cities with hopes of inspiring the next generation of cheerleaders.

The show will showcase stunts never-before-seen as well as theatrical performances never seen before, using actions, flips, and jumps to engage an audience and keep them laughing! All performers will perform on a specially constructed set that simulates the excitement of an arena setting.

Alongside their stunts, the cast will also offer live DJ music and an interactive Q&A mat chat session with fans. The entire performance should last approximately 90 minutes, and audiences can expect to be left speechless by these world-class athletes’ talent!

Tickets to House of Cheer are now on sale, featuring several VIP packages that can be purchased. The show begins on Friday, June 17 at 7:00 PM at Daily’s Place in Lancaster, PA.

Ticket Prices

No matter if you’ve seen Netflix docuseries Cheer or admired these talented cheer athletes, don’t miss the opportunity to witness these athletes perform live at House of Cheer’s “first-of-its-kind premiere athletic event.” House of Cheer will showcase these elite cheerleaders’ jaw-dropping stunts, acrobatics, and other talents live. Tickets go on sale to the general public beginning February 4, 2022, while VIP options are also available.

The show combines competition and theatrical performance, with its primary objective to inspire young cheerleaders to believe in themselves and dream big. Furthermore, this performance seeks to show that cheerleading can be more than just a competitive sport; instead, it can provide creative outlets as well, with audiences around the globe enjoying this production for decades to come.

Tickets to the House of Cheer Tour may differ depending on location, venue, and other factors; however, fans should expect to pay between $50 and $200 for standard seating options at concert venues. In addition to ticket costs, fans may have additional fees like parking or entry charges that must be covered; please consult your concert’s website for more information on these aspects.

Fans hoping to catch their show live should visit the venue’s website for up-to-date parking availability information and purchase official parking passes in advance, which may save money on parking fees. It is best to arrive early so there is enough time for parking, ticketing, and any necessary preparations.

Navarro College stars from the hit Netflix docuseries Cheer are taking their stunts on tour this summer for an exhilarating and inspiring show called CHEER LIVE that promises to change perceptions about competitive cheerleading and encourage young athletes to strive beyond simply winning championships.

Live concerts have long been an essential form of entertainment, providing an immersive musical experience not available through recorded audio alone. Concerts typically take place in concert halls, arenas, or large venues; during the nineteenth century, concert-goers would often receive delicate bone china teacups as tickets!

Seating Arrangements

House of Cheer ticket prices and seating arrangements may depend on a variety of factors, including venue and demand; VIP and premium packages may incur higher ticket costs due to increased demand; you could save by buying in advance from us!

Experience an unforgettable live performance by top athletes from the Emmy Award-winning Netflix docuseries CHEER! These world-class performers will enthrall audiences with breathtaking stunts and stage performances never-before-seen onstage – an experience sure to inspire younger aspiring cheerleaders who may see beyond mat-based dreams and into professional careers!

Join the cast for a fantastic pre-show huddle backstage to wish each other good luck and prepare them for their performance, then watch all the excitement unfold as these high-intensity athletes take on the competition with no fear! Whether you love cheerleading or are simply curious to see amazing high-energy stunts – this event is guaranteed to leave you spellbound.

VIP Packages

The House of Cheer Tour is an unforgettable entertainment experience featuring cheerleaders on a stage production. This production aims to disprove preconceptions about competitive cheerleading while inspiring young athletes to pursue their goals. Part pop concert, part athletic spectacle – it showcases not only cheerleaders as performers but their talents as entertainers, too!

The VIP Package features front-row seating, an exclusive photo opportunity with all cast members on the main stage, and the first in line privilege to meet Queens after the show. In addition, guests will receive a holiday clack fan, souvenir laminate with lanyard, and a tour poster as part of this experience.

Tickets for concerts can be purchased online and include tax. Additional parking fees may apply depending on the venue; parking may be available both onsite and offsite in parking garages and lots; please visit their respective websites for more details about specific arrangements for their concert venue.

House of Cheer tickets are priced based on seating arrangement and available VIP and premium packages, along with demand and other factors. Prices typically fall in the $10 to $39 range for House of Cheer events.

House of Cheer shows aren’t the only special events taking place across the country; other noteworthy examples are Ghosts of New Bern, A Call to Worship Empowerment Conference, and 80s vs 90s Halloween Costume Ball. Each has its distinctive flair that offers attendees something different than traditional concerts and theater shows – they provide excellent opportunities for adventure!

Suppose you were unable to attend the House of Cheer Tour. The Netflix docuseries The Level Up Tour offers an alternative live event: The Level Up Tour. It features stars from the House of Cheer Tour in concert format to motivate audiences, directed by 14-time national champion coach Monica Aldama with Morgan Simianer, Maddy Brum, James Thomas, Angel Rice, Kory Little & Ryan Claunch all participating. It also seeks to encourage young athletes to pursue their dreams by showing that cheerleading can be more than merely an athletic activity but an outlet for creativity than just another sport or game.