How to Clean Your Dab Rig


Reclaim can make an ideal material for dabbing, but be wary as it may contain toxic substances like butane that may lead to side effects like headaches and sore throats. Have the Best information about dab reclaim.

Reclaim can be enjoyed using your dab rig just like any other concentrate, though its flavor won’t match that of freshly extracted dab.

How to collect reclaim

Reclaim wax should not be used as dabbing wax because it has already been burned and has lost much of its potency, aroma, and taste due to heat-damaging terpenes. This makes smoking less enjoyable than using fresh, decarboxylated wax from a dispensary. However, it can still be enjoyed when smoking it!

Reclaim catchers provide an effective solution for collecting reclaim from dab rigs. With their funnel-like shape and heat-resistant container, these devices make collecting reclaim from dab rigs simpler than ever—not to mention more cost-effective! They’re widely available online and at cannabis supply stores—at reasonable costs, too!

One alternative method to remove reclaim is using a solvent such as alcohol. This works well because alcohol evaporates at very low temperatures, leaving behind crystallized reclaim that’s quickly scooped from cups. But be wary; only use this approach if you plan to dispose of its used solvent afterward.

If you prefer not to use solvents, applying intense heat is an excellent way to loosen and separate reclaim from the walls of your rig. Heat should be applied instead when heating surfaces such as metal plates or baking trays.

How to clean a dab rig

If your dab rig starts looking dirty or its hits don’t taste quite right, it may be time for a thorough cleaning. Cleaning is easy and enjoyable – plus, it lets you collect wax to reuse!

Start by carefully removing any nails or attachments from your dab rig and the banger from its drop-down so you can collect any reclaim that accumulates inside. After all of the components have been dismantled, use a pipe cleaner or cotton swab to reach into any tight spaces in the dab rig and clean thoroughly.

Once you’ve scrubbed down every part of your dab rig, fill it with an isopropyl alcohol and salt solution, shake it well to penetrate and dissolve any grime that remains, and leave it to soak for at least an hour before leaving it in the solution.

If you have an especially dirty dab rig to clean, try adding rock salt to an isopropyl and alcohol solution. Rock salt helps cover more surface area quickly, speeding up the cleaning process significantly. Heating up ISO can also speed things up further; just be wary not to overheat, as that could ruin your rig. Finally, rinse it with water before drying it with paper towels.

How to remove reclaim

Dab reclaim is what accumulates in your dab rig after each session and can be collected and recondensed to get more use out of your concentrates. Reclaim can be collected and recondensed into edibles, tinctures, and capsules, although smoking it won’t taste quite as satisfying.

Reclaim catchers or drop-down attachments can help keep your dab rig from overflowing with reclaim. Simply place these accessories over your dab nail or drop-down and let any collected reclaim fall into a bowl for collection. Alternatively, wipe down your rig with an alcohol-soaked cloth before starting again, using one with an embedded nylon brush to scrub down harder-to-reach areas.

Once you’ve collected reclaim, there are various methods for storage: wax paper or silicone containers may work better; alternatively, you could heat some pieces and smoke directly from the jar – but be mindful as decarboxylated concentrate usually contains less THC than its original version.

It’s important to remember that reclaim isn’t as clean or potency-rich as fresh concentrates; therefore, it may contain harmful bacteria and produce harsh highs. For a smoother experience and greater enjoyment, go with freshly harvested concentrates sealed in tamper-evident packaging.

How to purge reclaim

Utilizing alcohol and a pipe cleaner, scrub the interior surface of your dab rig until all glass surfaces are spotlessly clean. Rinse all parts thoroughly, including hard-to-reach spots like the stem, banger, and nail. After cleaning, place your reclaim back into its container in a warm and dry location for several days; this will allow alcohol vapors to escape and help it dry more thoroughly.

Reclaim wax may still be consumed, though its potency will likely be reduced from that of fresh wax used to produce it. Furthermore, the harsher taste associated with decarboxylation means higher concentrations of chemicals, which could irritate both the throat and lungs.

Reclaim can also be used in the creation of edibles due to its lack of terpenes, which makes it easier to mask its flavor with other ingredients. It is also relatively cheap compared to fresh extracts and ready-to-use concentrates. Reclaim can be sprinkled onto food or added as seasoning for cooking oil for psychoactive seasoning purposes – lab tests of various batches showed it could contain up to 60 percent THC while also having high amounts of CBN, which tends to be more sedating.

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