Choosing the Right 14mm Quartz Banger


Selecting an ideal 14mm quartz banger is critical to enjoying your dabbing experience to the fullest extent. First, assess the joint size of your dab rig to select an appropriate nail. Get the Best information about dabber bangers.

This 14mm quartz banger is compatible with dab rigs that feature 14mm female joints. Combine it with a carb cap to produce smoother and more flavorful vapor production.

Heat Retention

14mm Quartz Bangers make an excellent choice for dab rigs as they retain heat longer than materials such as glass and titanium, helping your dab stay hotter for longer and vaporize more of its terpenes and aromatic oils. This creates an enhanced flavor profile reminiscent of the original dry herb or oil.

Our Thermal Core Reactor quartz banger exemplifies the superior vaporization and heat retention provided by quartz over other materials. Featuring double walls for enhanced heat retention and a core reactor puck to enhance vaporization experiences, this quartz banger makes an impressive statement about quartz’s ability to improve vaporization experiences.

Our quartz banger is compatible with an assortment of carb caps. Our most popular option is our flat-top version, which perfectly fits any standard-sized cap.

Maintaining a clean quartz banger can be straightforward: using a cotton swab saturated in isopropyl alcohol after every use should help eliminate residue build-up and keep it looking brand new again. But if your quartz banger begins losing its shine or performance drops off over time, more intensive cleaning may be required; immersing it in a solution of salt and 99% ISO alcohol may break down any buildup while helping prevent oxidation, which may reduce performance degradation over time.


Quartz bangers are ideal for dabbing as they help preserve the flavor of your favorite concentrates and terpenes and heat faster than other types of dab nails, allowing you to get back to enjoying dabs more quickly. Plus, quartz is inert and does not release harmful gases at high temperatures, making it safer than other materials such as titanium and ceramic.

If you’re looking to enhance your dabbing experience, there is a variety of 14mm quartz bangers from which you can choose. Factors like size, shape, temperature control, and carb caps should all be taken into consideration when selecting one for use with lower-temperature dabbing rigs without losing flavor.

Flat-top quartz bangers are one of the most sought-after styles on the market. They are made of medical-grade and food-grade glass to ensure safe dabbing sessions. Their large bucket allows plenty of space for waxes and oils and works with any carb cap available. Another alternative would be an opaque bottom quartz banger, which has more rounded walls that retain heat longer, making them suitable for extended dabbing sessions.


A 14mm quartz banger is a small accessory used to connect your dab rig’s domeless joint to its chamber. It holds wax or oil for heating into an inhalable form for inhaling. In addition, its design helps prevent oxidation. However, dirty bangers may compromise hit quality and the overall dabbing experience.

Cleaning your quartz banger regularly is critical to providing a positive dabbing experience and preventing carbon buildup. A cleaner banger not only looks better and lasts longer; it is also easier to use and offers greater ease of use!

Maintaining your quartz banger requires cleaning it after each use with a cotton rag or dedicated swabs such as those offered by Higher Standards. To remove residue deposits more effectively, soak your quartz banger in a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and kosher salt solution to further loosen deposits.

Soaking your quartz banger allows you to remove stubborn carbon buildup by heating it until it turns into ash. Then, scrape it off with your dabber and clean it off with water. Utilizing proper cleaning methods will keep your quartz banger looking brand new while making sessions much more enjoyable! This step is essential in becoming an adept dabber!


Quartz bangers are durable and less likely to chip than glass alternatives, making them the perfect choice for anyone who takes dabbing seriously. However, you should handle them carefully; rapid temperature changes could cause them to crack or break easily. In addition, use isopropyl alcohol with cotton swabs regularly to clean them efficiently.

Quartz bangers come in many different varieties; when selecting one to match your joint size and type, as well as how you intend to use it, be mindful that some possess unique features that may make them better suited to specific tasks than others.

Flat-top quartz bangers are among the most sought-after options due to their level top surface, which enables use with any carb cap style. Available in both standard and large diameter sizes for an optimal inhalation experience.

Thermal bangers (also called quartz double-wall bangers) offer excellent heat retention and flavor preservation. They are ideal for vaping low-temperature dabs. Carb caps can also help ensure you enjoy every nuanced flavor from your concentrates.

Honey bevel bowls are an innovative variant on the flat-top banger that adds a unique aesthetic to your rig. Their round base pools product while thoroughly vaporizing it; adding to that, you can pair this beauty with a carb cap to cool and enhance its effects on terpenes and enjoy every flavorful drop!