Divorce your wedding ring

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You have an engagement ring from a bad relationship and a marriage that did not happen. You might be a divorcee working out how to make some extra cash. No need to hold on to bad memories, you can sell the ring and get a good price for it. There is an entire trend out there where women celebrate their divorces by throwing quasi-bachelorette parties. You can divorce that wedding ring too and spend money on something else like taking a post-divorce vacation.

There is no reason to keep old gold jewellery if it has bad memories. The best thing to do after a bad divorce is to get rid of the old to make room for the new.

So how do you sell an engagement or wedding ring?

Take your gold ring to a jeweler to find out how much it is worth. The jeweler will be able to view the individual aspects of the ring. You can get values ​​from stones set in gold and in gold itself. A jeweler will know the intrinsic value of your gold jewellery. The jeweler can even give you some design information. You might be sitting with a design by some famous jewellery designer as part of a limited edition design of a specialty jewellery store.

You can get a bargain from a jeweler who is willing to pay you more for the ring’s intrinsic value. It seems like a time-consuming and tedious process. There are easier ways to find the best gold buyers for jewellery in Melbourne CBD. You can sell gold jewellery at pawn shops or to buyers for gold. You can do a quick internet search to find gold buyers and gold pawn shops in your area that are looking for wedding rings in particular. A simple Google search should give you a list of gold buyers in your area.

Sites like Yelp are great because they have customer reviews that you can use to determine a gold buyer’s reputation and service.

Pawning your jewellery for cash

Selling your gold ring to a pawnbroker may not bring you the money you expect. Pawn shops are known for low-balling customers. They can make you feel as if they are doing you a favor by buying your jewellery. The thing is, they are trained to read people and will spot desperate people when they walk in.

Shop around to find out what pawnbrokers are ready to offer in your area. You can sell your gold ring to a gold dealer for some extra cash. These gold buyers buy all kinds of gold from beautiful jewellery like engagement and wedding rings to old gold, broken jewellery, and anything else made of gold. Most gold buyers are interested in the gold content not so much in the designs or the stones unless they are the kind of buyer that buys gold jewellery to resell as is.

If you are selling a piece of jewellery like a gold engagement ring, find out what the current value of the ring is so you get a better understanding of what it’s worth as well as who is most likely to appreciate it for its good condition and offer more than just the scrap value. Divorced – don’t toss your jewellery out in anger; sell gold jewellery to the best gold buyers in Melbourne CBD which you have no use for can help you get something nice or start a new life.

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