Send Messages to All Contacts Saved in Telegram


We all know very well that if we want to advertise on Telegram, the best way is to send messages to people’s private chats. There are many ways to promote in Telegram, such as sending messages in Telegram groups, sending personal messages to members of Telegram groups, advertising in Telegram channels, sending messages to phone contacts, or sending messages to people you already chat with…

If you pay attention, you have saved contacts in your Telegram account. You can consider these contacts your advertising audiences and send them private messages. Messaging to these people is essential because your contacts are people who know you, and they will pay more attention to your advertising content. They may be your old customers, and again you can attract them. But you may need help along the way, which we will discuss below.

Difficulties in Sending Messages to All Contacts Saved in Telegram

As mentioned, this work may have difficulties that you should be aware of to think of a solution.

  1. Since sending a group message in Telegram is impossible, you must save many contacts in the Telegram contacts list, select these people one by one, and enter their profiles to send your message to them. Doing this manually will be very difficult and time-consuming.
  2. You can use bots to message these people. To set up these types of Bots, you must provide the Bot with information such as the number or ID of your contacts. But you can’t use this type of Bot since you don’t have the number or ID of these contacts stored in your Telegram as a list.

Despite these difficulties, you cannot easily save your advertising message to all contacts in Telegram. But don’t worry; we offer a method to do these things automatically and quickly. This method uses a tool called the message all saved telegram contacts bot.

 In the next section, we will introduce this Bot to you.

Introducing the Bot to Send Messages to All Contacts Saved in Telegram

As its name suggests, this Bot has a robotic function and automatically sends messages to all the contacts stored in Telegram. First, he opens Telegram, enters the contacts section, enters the profile of the first contact, and sends the message. Then it is the turn of the second audience, and it does the same for the second audience. The Bot performs all these steps for all your saved contacts in Telegram without your intervention.


In this article, we tried to learn about one of Telegram’s advertising methods and its difficulties. Sometimes you need your Telegram saved contacts to send messages. We said sending messages to all the contacts saved in Telegram has difficulties. Despite these difficulties, we have introduced you to a method and a tool so that you can send messages well and without any trouble without these difficulties becoming a problem for you.

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