Top 10 Best Budget in the US (Places to visit)

Top 10 Best Budget in the US


It is not essential for you to spend a lot of money while traveling to several locations on the planet. Keeping this in mind, we have mentioned the top 10 best budget in the US that will help you considerably in the long run. In the US, you’ll come across national parks and free attractions which attract plenty of tourists throughout the year. That being said, let us find out these top 10 affordable places to visit in the US this year

San Antonio

You can perform various activities in this location which houses the renowned Alamo and River Walk. Individuals who like to escape the heat of the sun will be able to explore Natural Bridge Caverns or they can likewise splash around the waterpark of Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Otherwise, on a sunny morning, it will be a sensible idea for the visitors to indulge in a refreshing picnic in Brackenridge Park or they can also walk around the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park in a leisurely frame of mind. Interestingly, there is no need to pay any fees for entering these 2 locations.

Inexpensive things to do in San Antonio:

  • One of the best things to perform in this location will be to pay a visit to the Alamo which will allow you to have a good knowledge of the rich history of Texas. It will be advisable to bring your camera along with you for taking some amazing pictures.
  • Another notable thing to do here will be to walk along the river walk. Interestingly, while walking you’ll come across some renowned eateries, retail outlets, as well as live entertainment.
  • You can also visit the Japanese Tea Garden which can be done free of cost in San Antonio. It will provide you with an opportunity for strolling in a romantic mood. Furthermore, there is also an attractive waterfall right here.

El Paso, Texas

In case you happen to be a teenager, then this place will be ideal for you to roam about in the US without paying much money. It will be a fantastic experience for you to drive along Franklin Mountain and the sprawling nature of El Paso will be appropriate for rock climbers, hikers, and other adventure buffs. You will also come across a wonderful desert landscape on the banks of the Rio Grande and the western part of Texas. There is no doubt that this place will provide you with enough opportunities for satisfying your desire for performing adventurous activities.

Top 10 Best Budget in the US
Top 10 Best Budget in the US

Inexpensive things to do in El Paso:

  • While you are in El Paso, make sure to go for an enjoyable Plaza Theater tour which will be free of cost at noon every Wednesday. Here, you’ll find the architectural glory of the Spanish colonial revival design style along with antique furniture which will transport you to the old times.
  • There is also a recreational hotspot only 30 miles from El Paso and it will be ideal for campers, hikers, birdwatchers, and rock climbers. The natural basins and rock formations of this place are simply mesmerizing.
  • You can also feast your eyes on the amazing collection of artwork as well as the well-known El Paso Museum of Art.

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Ocala, Florida

There is no doubt that this particular location is one of the most inexpensive places to visit in the US. Being referred to as the Horse Capital of the World, Ocala is situated in Marion County in Florida. This place is reputed for its clean air, rolling hills, as well as freshwater streams. If you want to have peace of mind, then this location will be ideal for you.

Inexpensive things to do in Ocala:

  • Being home to the Juniper Prairie Wilderness, this place covers more than 14,000 acres of land that is scattered with sand pine scrub, grass prairie, marshes, pine Flatwoods, and hardwood swamp.
  • There is also Sholom Park, occupying 44 acres of land that will provide you with a wonderful opportunity for walking. Here, you will come across a ginger garden, a formal garden, as well as a labyrinth with lots of shrubs, trees, and perennials.
  • You can also have your meal at the comparatively affordable Blue Wagyu restaurant which will provide you with scrumptious Wagyu beef along with sauces and cream.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It will be a nice idea to go to a family location in this splendid city. Here, you will come across many attractions that will keep you engaged throughout the day. Some individuals think that you will not get anything good free of cost. However, it is not the case with Philadelphia. As a matter of fact, you’ll be able to have plenty of fun and adventurous activities that will keep you entertained.

Cheap things to do in Philadelphia:

  • The first thing that you should do in Philadelphia will be to visit the Independence Hall which is totally free.
  • You can also visit the Rocky Statue and the Rocky Steps right here where you can enter the Philadelphia Museum of Art as well after running up 72 steps.
  • There is likewise Elfreth’s Alley in Philadelphia which will allow you to roam in a romantic frame of mind. In case you want to shoot some photographs then this place will be ideal for that.

Charleston, South Carolina

Apart from being an inexpensive city, Charleston is likewise one of the most interesting places that you can visit in the US for passing a romantic time. Here you’ll come across attractive waterfront parks as well as museums where admission is absolutely free.

Inexpensive things to do in Charleston:

  • It will be a sane idea to go to the beach if you like to do interesting things in Charleston free of cost.
  • You can also visit Charleston Tea Plantation which happens to be the only tea plantation in the US situated only 20 miles away from Wadmalaw Island.
  • Other free admission areas in Charleston happen to be Battery Park and Point Gardens which will provide you with mesmerizing views of Charleston Harbor and Fort Sumter.
Top 10 Best Budget in the US
Top 10 Best Budget in the US

Phoenix, Arizona

In case you want to visit one of the cheapest places in the US during your subsequent vacation, then make it a point to visit Phoenix. Being the capital of Arizona, this is known for its free attractions that entice plenty of tourists for the major part of the year. However, it will not be a good idea to visit the place during summer because of the scorching heat that you might have to deal with.

Inexpensive things to do in Phoenix:

  • It will be a good idea to go hiking on Camelback Mountain which will provide you with an interesting hiking trail. Although the climate might be hot in this region, it will provide you with some mesmerizing views from the top.
  • Another area that you should visit right here happens to be the Desert Botanical Garden where you will come across different types of dessert fauna. In case you happen to be a garden lover, then you should not miss this area by any means.
  • The South Mountain Park is one destination in Phoenix that you can visit free of cost. It will provide you with some astounding views of the surrounding landscapes as well as that of the city.

New Orleans, Louisiana

One cannot deny that in case you happen to be a budget traveler, New Orleans will not disappoint you after all. Here, you will come across astounding food items, amazing culture, as well as inexpensive hotels. And, the good thing is that the price of the food items and beverages is not expensive at all in New Orleans.

Inexpensive things to do in New Orleans:

  • Make it a point to walk along the Mississippi River side which will enable you to spend a good time with your spouse or companion. This place is one of the ideal locations in the city for having a family picnic.
  • One more interesting thing to perform in New Orleans will be to go to the New Orleans Museum of Art where you will come across lots of sculptures, paintings, photographs, as well as historical objects that will definitely capture your interest.

Tucson, Arizona

This is another interesting place to visit in the US when you are traveling on a budget. Tucson will enable you to go hiking along with other adventurous activities that will satisfy your desire for adventure in the best possible way. Moreover, the local individuals are extremely friendly and the food is delicious too.

Inexpensive things to perform in Tucson:

  • Make sure to go to the Tucson Museum of Art which will allow you to take a look at more than 8,000 different pieces of work from Latin, Western, and contemporary art. Here, it is worth mentioning that you can enter this museum free of cost on the first Thursday of every month between 5 PM and 8 PM.
  • You can also explore the well-known Saguaro National Park trail. Here, you’ll come across various types of cactus while hiking on the trail. However, it will be advisable for you to stay away from hiking right here during the summer months.

Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

This location in the US will allow you to spend a good time in complete remoteness at an affordable rate. Being situated at a height of more than 8000 feet, Red Feather Lakes will enable you to explore many interesting things. Located at the core of Roosevelt National Forest and 45 miles away from Fort Collins, this point of interest will allow you to indulge in ice skating, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.

Inexpensive things to do in Red Feather Lakes:

  • It will be possible for you to indulge in kayaking, canoeing, or even paddle boarding at Lake Hiawatha. Covering an area of more than 240 acres, the Hiawatha Park is scattered with mature trees, a lake, as well as an open space for strolling.
  • You can also visit Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch for enjoying the rustic town setting while riding on horseback.
  • Otherwise, you can also reserve a session or take part in an educational program or workshop with Shambhala Mountain Center which happens to be a Buddhist center providing yoga and meditation classes.
  • It will also be a sensible idea to go for a drive on the western side of the Continental Divide while continuing to Fort Collins.
  • There is no need to keep your pet at home, and you can easily bring him hiking on the Lady Moon trailhead. Apart from this, you can also go for a comfortable and relaxing stroll by following the North Lone Pine Trail.
  • You can also go fishing at Red Feather Lakes. There are as many as 3 public Lakes right here that will provide you with Colorado fishing licenses.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Lastly, in this comprehensive list of the top inexpensive places to visit in the US, we will mention Fort Collins which happens to be a fantastic college town situated in Colorado. Here, we like to assert that 70% of the craft beer of Colorado is produced in Fort Collins at present. The crime rate is quite low here along with lots of opportunities for employment and it happens to be one of the most inexpensive places in the US right now to visit.

Inexpensive things to do in Fort Collins:

  • It will be a fantastic idea to visit the New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins for free.
  • You can likewise appreciate the local artwork while walking at Downtown Fort Collins’ First Friday Art Walk.
  • Besides this, you can also watch lots of fish swimming in the water while wandering around the Cache La Poudre River.
Top 10 Best Budget in the US
Top 10 Best Budget in the US


Even though there are many other places in the US that will allow you to visit them at inexpensive rates, we have mentioned the top 10 places that are the most popular these days. If you like to get some more knowledge on this topic, then it will be a sensible idea to take the help of the Internet and look at the relevant videos and articles out there.

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