Todd Howard – Video Game Designer and Executive Producer at Bethesda Game Studios


Todd Howard is Bethesda’s game director and executive producer, consistently pushing gaming boundaries with each new release. His passion for spacefaring RPGs can be seen through his work.

He grew up in Lower Macungie Township, Pennsylvania, and found an early passion for video games. He attended Emmaus High School before eventually enrolling at William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

He is a game developer.

Howard is an American video game developer best known for producing the critically acclaimed Fallout and Elder Scrolls games at Bethesda Game Studios in Maryland, US. Howard has received many honors and awards for his work, one such accolade being IGN’s Top 100 Game Creators of All Time list in 2012. Furthermore, Germany honored Howard with their LARA of Honor award.

Howard has been creating games for over two decades and is well known for his meticulous design work and quality creations. His dedication has earned him great respect in the gaming world, as he also engages in charitable and civic endeavors, currently serving on the South Dallas Fair Park Trust Fund board and previously serving on the Citizens Police Review Board for Dallas City.

He began working for Bethesda Softworks as a producer in 1994, eventually rising through the ranks to designer and project manager. Additionally, he contributed his talents to other projects like The Terminator and The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (1995). Skynet (1996) featured him as a designer and producer as a project leader on these titles as well.

In 2008, he was chosen as Executive Producer and Game Director of Fallout 3 and its multi-player expansion Skyrim, both of which proved highly popular with gamers worldwide and won multiple Game of the Year awards.

At various conferences and conventions, he has spoken at length on game development; interviews with him have garnered media coverage. His son Jake has made appearances in some of his games. In an appearance on the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ Game Maker’s Notebook podcast – in which he revealed that Jake is an avid Zelda fan – he also talked about family, game development processes, and game release dates being hidden from Jake to keep the suspense.

He is a married man.

Howard is a married man living with his wife and two children in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He is best known for his work at Bethesda Game Studios, where he serves as director and executive producer for numerous popular video games. This career in gaming has won widespread acclaim and established Howard as a prominent figure within the industry.

He has also become an accomplished college basketball coach since being hired to lead the IUPUI Jaguars men’s basketball team in 2012. Since then, he has led them to multiple conference championships and two NCAA tournament appearances, coaching professional players, including Indiana Pacers guard George Hill.

Howard is married to Kimberly Lynn Yaissle, a high school teacher. The couple has been together for an extended period and shares an amicable relationship. Yaissle prefers staying out of the spotlight; she graduated from the University of Richmond.

She is a dedicated wife and mother who puts the needs of her family first. Her husband and children are her most significant source of joy; she cherishes each moment spent with them. Her dedication has always inspired those around her; this devotion extends even to herself!

Howard was born in Lower Macungie Township, Pennsylvania, in 1970 to Ronald and Priscilla Howard and has one brother – Jeffrey Mark Howard. As an accomplished filmmaker, producer, and video game designer, he has contributed to many successful projects over his career.

Bethesda Game Studios hired him as a producer in 1994 before eventually promoting him to designer and project leader. He is widely recognized for his contributions to several major gaming projects such as Skynet and The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard; later serving as project leader for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind cemented his place as an exceptional video game designer.

Howard currently boasts an estimated net worth of 10 Million dollars, and his primary source of income is his work as a director and producer, earning numerous awards and receiving praise for being innovative and original in his approach to directing. Furthermore, Howard is also known for being a talented musician, having composed songs for popular video games.

He is a father.

Todd Howard is a video game designer and director at Bethesda Game Studios, leading the development of Fallout and Elder Scrolls series games. An avid gamer himself, Todd enjoys role-playing games. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and spending time with family, including his wife, Randye Howard, and son, Leo. To keep fit, he regularly works out and eats healthy food while exploring new exercises.

Howard assisted IUPUI during its 2008 recruiting season by signing several highly sought-after recruits, such as Indiana high schoolers George Hill and Craig Swoope, as well as Louisville Ballard products Marcellus Barksdale and Lyonell Gaines from Louisville Ballard School. Additionally, highly regarded junior college players Michal Vavrek and Maushae Byles were signed.

Todd continued to reject all attempts of dialogue by the Therapist; as usual, Todd asked him to wait around a little longer and see what unfolded.

While Redfield was distracted, Nightmare Todd began gathering all the pieces to fulfill its quest of obtaining fruit from Demon Tree Qliphoth and bend reality to its will. Unfortunately for Redfield’s Therapist, his opponent wasn’t an adequate match against this powerful demon who quickly knocked him out with surprise attacks.

Todd Howard relaxes by participating in various sports and exercises, cooking, and spending time with his dogs. In his free time, he also enjoys attending concerts together with his wife Randye – one of their favorite activities since meeting 25 years ago at a bodybuilding event where they first met each other! Since then, they have remained very close, supporting one another with careers, spending quality time with their son, playing games together, and going on vacations together – they strive hard to balance personal and professional lives to raise a safe environment in which their child can grow.

He is a Christian

Todd Howard is a Christian college football player turned NFL defensive line coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Over his three-season tenure in this role, Howard was responsible for improving sack totals on his team while also leading them to lead in terms of the fewest rushing touchdowns allowed in league play. Howard holds three children of his own from his time spent at Texas A&M University.

Proponents of the God Todd Theory assert that Todd is an Immortal God, responsible for creating and actively participating within the Tod-verse. Furthermore, they contend he fulfills all criteria of being considered a true god – although whether this proves correct remains to be seen.

According to the Tod-verse Bible, Reanu Keeves and Todd Howard appeared 7.2 seconds after creation in The Chess Club and quickly formed an unlikely bond by showing each other their chins. To their own hubris’ detriment, however, they then created the Tod-verse so no one else would make fun of their chins any longer.

Todd recognized that Skyrim had fallen prey to The Cheese’s influence, so together with Spiff the Spiffing Brit, he orchestrated a plan to push Reanu back into Skyrim while surrounding it with an invisible Yorkshire tea bubble to prevent him from ever leaving again.

After visiting Skyrim for only a short while, Todd found out Reanu had rapidly grown powerful enough to attempt an escape from Tod-verse. To stop him, Todd engaged him in what became known as The Battle of Tod-shaped Hole; its aftermath is said to have formed into what became Fallout 4.

Howard recently addressed BAFTA when asked about a sequel to Skyrim and stated his hope that they do it based on how much he enjoyed playing it: “I hope they do it because it was one of the greatest games ever made!” He also discussed plans for Starfield, Bethesda’s next Elder Scrolls installment, not wanting to rely on procedural generation but instead hand-crafting worlds and telling immersive tales.