Apple Pushes Out iOS 17 Beta to Developers and Public Testers


Apple recently unveiled iOS 12 at WWDC 2023 and plans to roll it out this fall. It boasts several unique new features.

Anyone can join Apple’s Beta Software Program and install beta updates if they agree to the terms and conditions; downloads may take some time, depending on your internet speed and connectivity.

What’s new?

iOS 17 beta introduces several minor changes and improvements to Apple’s native apps, including a customizable Contact Poster, playlist sharing in Apple Music, and new options for Custom Tones. Additionally, it fixes several annoying bugs and offers handy customization for StandBy mode, such as setting it to shut off after 20 seconds or disabling Motion to Wake/Night Mode.

Apple unveiled many of iOS 17’s new features at WWDC23 in June, and many can now be found in its public beta release. There’s a revamped Phone app with customizable Contact Posters featuring photos and Memojis, along with improved autocorrection and prediction technology for the keyboard. In Messages, there’s now also a sticker interface, more straightforward replies, audio message transcripts, and audio message transcripts; Apple Music now includes playlist-sharing functionality as well as the Action Button to translate text into another language.

A few features of iOS 17 beta are still missing from it; for instance, life-logging Journal and AirDrop transfers that span both WiFi and cellular data connections have yet to become available. You can install it on an iPhone XR, XS, or second-generation SE; make sure to backup via iTunes or iCloud before upgrading, as installing beta may cause issues with specific applications or even stop them from opening at all!

The iOS 17 beta features minor updates to both Camera and Settings apps, as well as fixes for issues with Dynamic Island on iPad Pro that caused it to display a flashlight indicator instead of a charging icon when the display was off. Furthermore, it addresses an exploit that allowed bypassing 80 percent battery charging limits on iPhone 15 Pro models and adds a feature enabling custom wallpaper customization of Control Center. You can download the iOS 17 beta through Software Update in Settings – Apple plans on releasing its final version sometime between late October and early November.

Changes in the Settings app

Apple is now rolling out the iOS 17 beta for developers and public testers to test, bringing with it some changes that should please many of its users.

Apple has made one significant adjustment to its Phone app. Apple has relocated where the End Call button sits on the interface, which previously caused some people to hit other controls such as Keypad or FaceTime when intending to end a call. With its new location closer to where people actually intend to press it when calling someone else, hitting the correct one should become much more accessible; we applaud Apple for listening to its users and making these necessary adjustments.

Other changes include a Level feature for the Camera app that will make framing and aligning shots easier, along with minor updates to Apple Music and Calendar apps; Calendar now lets users add events from third-party apps without entering their Apple ID password, while AirDrop now features NameDrop which makes sending contact cards directly to Apple Watch faster.

As is typically the case, there have also been numerous bug fixes rolled out with iOS 11.2. Most of them concern audio quality and sync issues; one notable fix deals with Siri failing to respond during hands-free calls because its microphone was picking up too much ambient noise, leading Siri to misinterpret commands as commands rather than listening for voice prompts from users.

Apple Beta website or by signing up in the Settings app. Please be aware that signing up will send diagnostic data directly to Apple; this includes system logs, crash reports, and spin logs if applicable – if you prefer not to send this info directly, then don’t sign up! The final version of iOS 17 will be made available to consumers on September 18 if no major bugs have been discovered; this beta was seeded to developers last month, so it should reflect precisely the final release.

Security updates

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 17, was recently made available to developers and public beta testers for testing. The update brings with it many new features and upgrades for existing apps – such as Siri. Furthermore, this update brings security enhancements as well.

Apple announced the iOS 17 beta at the WWDC 2023 keynote, with public beta soon after and the final release set to hit iPhone owners for free download by September 18th. It brings with it several features designed to make using an iPhone simpler and more enjoyable than ever.

Apple’s most significant changes include an enhanced keyboard with predictive text capabilities and multilingual support in Siri – now you can mix English with Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, and Kannada languages to ask a question or get an answer! Apple also added support for augmented reality apps to improve your experience further using them.

iOS 17 introduces Lockdown mode, which prevents an iPhone from connecting to 2G cellular networks or auto-joining insecure WiFi networks, as well as disabling APIs that hackers could exploit. Furthermore, Lockdown will warn you if an untrustworthy application tries to add events to your Calendar and will also notify you when you are nearing the end of your data plan.

Apple Music has also been updated with a revamped Favorites playlist that merges My Library and Recently Added lists, along with a collaborative playlist feature allowing multiple people to collaborate in creating a shared list of songs. Furthermore, the Journal app now allows for daily activity tracking, while the News app offers topic recommendations based on what you’ve been reading.

Apple recently unveiled the second iOS 17 beta update, offering improvements and fixing several bug-ridden issues. These improvements include tweaks to the StandBy experience and more customization options; in addition to new stickers you can use when replying to iMessages, it also introduces Contact Key verification, which should prevent attackers from listening in on conversations if they manage to gain entry to Apple’s cloud servers and listen in on conversations remotely.

Bug fixes

No matter how great Apple’s pre-release software may be, developer betas often contain bugs and issues. That is the purpose of developer betas – to identify the problems before public release. Apple engineers are already hard at work fixing any remaining bugs prior to final departure later this year – however, your feedback is also vital, so if you experience issues while testing the iOS 17 beta, please report them using Apple’s Feedback Assistant app immediately if any arise.

App Crashes or Freezing: Users have reported experiencing apps closing unexpectedly or freezing, leaving them unusable and inaccessible, disrupting workflow, and leading to lost data. This issue affects both system- and third-party apps; troubleshooting can be time-consuming, and it is difficult to rely on them for critical tasks when they frequently crash and freeze.

Battery Drain: According to reports, iOS 17’s beta version has been reported to have a more draining battery than previous releases, mainly if users install multiple apps or utilize settings that require background activity. This could potentially result in insufficient charging, which would compromise the performance and stability of their devices.

Other issues include an annoying bug with the Home button that often doesn’t respond when pressed; its cause remains unknown, but this makes using an iPhone less convenient.

Journal app: This new feature encourages users to pen a few thoughts every day before on-device. Machine learning uses prompts for more creative expression about memories, people, or music. While an interesting idea, it has yet to become publicly available.

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