How to Pop a Lock


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The Basics

Step one of unlocking any lock requires identifying which kind you own and its manufacturer; once identified, replacement parts can often be found easily online. In addition, understanding how it operates will give you a better idea of what to do when it breaks or malfunctions.

Lock cylinders typically feature protruding pins that protrude through holes in their structure. Keys with unique teeth push these pins upward to allow the lock to turn; when picking locks, this exact mechanism must be used by pushing these pins up with a picking tool.

If you don’t own a locking pick, there are still tools that can help open a locked door. One such tool is a paperclip – a fragile and flexible piece of wire or metal which, if bent into shape to fit within the lock, will apply pressure against pressure plates inside its cylinder and eventually disarm it.

Another approach would be using a credit card or coin to try to unlock the door, although you must take caution as pushing too deeply will break off the lock and cause further problems. Although not as reliable, this method may serve as an emergency solution when nothing else works.

Tension wrenches may also help open locks. By twisting it in the correct direction, they can release tension that’s holding pins together and allow you to unlock doors or deadbolts as well.

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The Tools

Tools needed to unbolt locks include a tension wrench, pick, and scope (for safes and vaults). Insert the tension wrench either at either end of the keyway and apply gentle pressure before using your choice to feel around for pins that bind (resist) slightly more than others – this pin should be your target when setting off your lock.

Locksmith’s tool kits should include round and clamp-on slim jims, an auto shutter toolset, a lock, and a safe scope, as well as picks. Never pick locks that you don’t own or have permission to open without first seeking approval, and only use minimal force when opening them so as to avoid damaging their mechanisms.

The Techniques

Popping and locking have long been part of hip-hop and dubstep dance, accentuating the beat of music while creating an urban style rhythm and style. If you want to incorporate pop and lock dance moves into your following routine or want to give this move a try for the first time, here are a few helpful tips that can get you moving in this direction.

To open a lock, you will require both a tension wrench and a rake. Inserting the rake into the lock, just above where a key would rest, is your first step; turn it in the direction that you think the safety will turn when pushing will begin so as to identify how best to twist the wrench so as to break open its contents.

Another technique involves the use of a butter knife. Inserting its blade as far into the lock as it will go and applying pressure in various directions may help break open its latch. Although this approach is not always successful, it’s an ideal way to practice until you can open your lock using traditional locksmith tools.

One thing to keep in mind when trying to pick a lock is being mindful not to damage the door panel. Without prior training in locksmithing, it can be easy for an amateur to cause irreparable harm that requires replacing an entire board altogether – this is why professional services should always be sought when undertaking any locksmithing work.

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