The G Dress Bandage – Protect Your Wounds From Water and Moisture


Gowns are sterile adhesive dressings made of non-woven material designed to provide comfort and security to minor wounds or incisions.

This non-woven material provides an intermediate layer that prevents moisture penetration, rendering this dressing water-resistant and permitting normal skin breathing and water vapor transference without hindrance. Bathing and skin respiration remain unimpeded.

Swimproof GDSP5

The G Dress Swimproof Bandage is a sterilized adhesive dressing made of SMS non-woven that keeps wounds protected from water and moisture. Bathing regularly won’t affect its waterproof nature; bathing without harming its composition does not interfere with breathing processes and water vapor exchange, nor with bathing’s ability to pass through skin pores unimpeded by this bandage. Furthermore, its nonstretchy construction offers superior wound care protection without restricting blood flow – perfect for sensitive wounds that cannot tolerate too much pressure! Its nonstretchy properties allow easy application over wound surfaces while its nonstick lining helps avoid sticking onto wound surfaces without sticking too closely – perfect for protecting delicate wounds from moisture damage during bathing sessions!

Comfy 5

Comfy 5 makes the ideal cozy gift. Constructed of luxurious fleece microfiber on the outside and premium fluffy sherpa on the inside, it comes packaged in eco-friendly recyclable packaging and features ribbed cuffs and oversized sleeves that stay put so arms can be pulled in tightly for complete coverage.

This dressing is an ideal solution for anyone who needs to keep their wound covered or is recovering from surgery. Sterilized using gamma irradiation and with five adhesive strips designed to fit around wounds without damaging skin when removed securely, this wrap comes in various sizes, so you can select one that best meets your needs.

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