The Benefits of a Dog Harness With Handle


An adjustable dog harness with a handle is an invaluable way to manage and reduce tension on your dog’s neck and shoulders. Choose the luxury pet harness.

Many of these harnesses also include other safety features, such as locking buckles and pockets for ID tags, plus reflective stripes to increase visibility during nighttime walks.


A harness with a handle provides you with a way to control your dog without exerting too much pressure on their neck, which can be particularly useful if they’re pulling or have mobility limitations. Furthermore, small dogs such as puppies or chihuahuas become more accessible to pick up if they get tired during a walk or run; in addition, it keeps them away from muddy patches or other obstacles on hikes; service dogs also benefit from enhanced mobility assistance on rugged terrain.

Quality harnesses with handles should be constructed from durable materials that can withstand heavy use, are easy to clean, have comfortable padded straps, and are snug but not restrictively fit to prevent their breathing from being restricted or restricted too much. Furthermore, different colors should be available so you can locate them quickly when walking your pet.

As well as offering a comfortable and secure fit, a quality harness with a handle should provide multiple attachment points to accommodate various scenarios. For instance, there should be a front clip to discourage pulling as well as a back clip for traditional leash control; this will allow you to change which direction your pup is pulling and prevent them from running into oncoming traffic or other dangers.

Many harnesses come equipped with additional features, like reflective material or ropes, for car safety. This can come in handy if you take your pup for walks at night or early morning when it is still dark outside.

Positive reinforcement training should also be employed when using a dog harness with a handle. This involves rewarding your pup when they heed your commands by rewarding them with treats, praise, or playtime; this will teach them that following you is beneficial and encourage them to continue pursuing it regularly. It is ideal if this training begins early, but it can still be accomplished at any age.


Handles on dog harnesses enable you to assist your pup with climbing stairs or entering a vehicle safely while providing another means of controlling dangerous or frightening situations – for instance, if they chase an intriguing scent into the street and start running off into traffic, the handle allows you to pull them back using their harness safely’ handle.

An adjustable dog harness with handles is an excellent solution for dogs with mobility needs, such as elderly or injured pets. The extra support from the handle helps them rise from lying positions more efficiently, as well as provides added stability for those suffering from mobility issues such as arthritis that makes walking difficult.

When selecting a dog harness with a handle, keep your pet’s size and activity level in mind when making a decision. Look for one with multiple points of adjustment for a secure yet comfortable fit, along with solid leash connection points at both the front and back of the harness, soft padding for increased comfort, reflective strips for better visibility, etc.

One of our favorite dog harnesses with handles is the tobeDRI Body Harness and Leash Set, which is available in multiple sizes to accommodate dogs of various shapes and sizes. Perfect for daily walks and outdoor adventures alike, it features a front clip-on leash as well as a top handle for increased control and safety – not to mention an array of colors to suit both your and your pup’s preferences!

Kurgo Buddy Belt is another fantastic lightweight harness designed specifically for smaller dogs and puppies, featuring both front clip-on leashes and an additional back handle for increased control, as well as reflective strips to increase visibility in low light conditions. Furthermore, this harness is both breathable and comfortable, making it perfect for long walks or hikes; cleaning it efficiently makes maintenance quick and convenient; plus, its rugged durability can withstand trips through muddy environments or out to the beach!


No matter if you are using your dog’s harness to stop them from pulling during walks or lifting them from the ground, comfort should always be of top priority. Look for soft padding throughout and durable materials that won’t irritate their skin raw; lightweight designs with adequate airflow are best to prevent overheating or fur matting.

Some smaller breeds, such as Chihuahuas and toy poodles, find it easier to control their movements with a back handle rather than with a neck collar, providing additional control when encountering unfamiliar objects or people on walks, as well as transitions within your home. This extra control may prove particularly useful when meeting strange people on walks and transitioning through your home.

Many dogs suffering from medical conditions, such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, can benefit from using a back handle for additional support when moving around. A handle may also provide extra safety during transition or help ensure senior dogs with mobility issues or those who are more vulnerable to falls or injury don’t become victims of their negligence.

A high-quality dog harness should be durable enough to withstand even your dog’s hardest pulling during walks or playtime at the park without breaking easily. Look for one with extensive testing done and from a company that stands behind their products; additionally, look for one with coverage against chewing damage as this is common among some canines and can weaken it over time.

Opt for a harness with both back hooks and front clips so that you have multiple methods for managing your dog on walks. This enables you to correct pullers gently by gently tugging them to one side rather than tugging backward and potentially injuring both themselves and your canine companion.

Some harnesses offer added features, like reflective strips for nighttime walking or an ID tag attachment point. These features can help ensure both of you remain comfortable and safe when venturing into unfamiliar terrain – increasing safety during walks while making them more enjoyable!


An optimally fitting harness is critical to providing your pup with optimal comfort on walks. Your dog may become more enthusiastic about going for walks when the harness fits perfectly, but if your dog seems uncomfortable wearing the harness or resists wearing it altogether, this could be a telltale sign that their size may no longer fit! Always follow manufacturer sizing guidelines when selecting an appropriate size; be mindful of future weight fluctuations or fur growth when making this decision.

Pet parents tend to focus on neck girth when measuring their dogs for harnesses, but this isn’t enough if your goal is to ensure an ideal harness fit. Chest girth measurement should be obtained by wrapping the tape measure around their lower neck just below where their collar sits – taking three readings and comparing results against manufacturer recommendations for size guides.

Certain harness styles also require taking a chest width measurement of your pup, which you can do by wrapping the measuring tape across their chest and over their breastbone. This measurement can be particularly beneficial if your canine has difficulty breathing or has been diagnosed with tracheal collapse.

A superior harness provides both front and rear leash attachment points for you to select the most effective method of controlling your dog. A crisscross bungee cord on the back makes for convenient storage, while its handle on top allows you to quickly grab onto them should they become distracted or pull away while walking.

Adjustable straps on this harness make sure it provides an excellent fit for every pup, while its soft padding prevents any rubbing or chafing during use. Furthermore, airflow is allowed into their skin to help avoid sweating or matte formation, and this harness comes in multiple sizes and colors to suit every pup! Please consult our sizing chart before purchasing, and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance finding the right size!

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