Single Hung Windows


Single-hung windows provide outstanding airflow, helping maintain healthy circulation in your home. Furthermore, they come in various shapes and trims to fit any style or decor scheme. This is the best way to find the aluminium hung windows.

Wood, vinyl, or fiberglass frames all offer advantages in terms of durability, aesthetics, and maintenance requirements.


Single-hung windows offer numerous ways to enliven and add elegance to any room in a home, whether you are building from scratch or replacing existing ones. From colors and glass options that meet your architectural tastes to grids, shutters, and accents that add further functionality, single-hung windows offer multiple solutions that will add life and style.

Single-hung windows may look similar to double-hung windows, but they differ by only offering operability for their bottom sash. This makes these affordable windows easier and quicker to maintain while still allowing airflow.

Single-hung windows feature a fixed upper pane and an operable lower sash that opens by sliding up and down. The sash is supported by a balance system utilizing springs or weights to counterbalance its weight and ensure smooth operation. Hardware components like handles, locks, and tilt latches may also be integrated into the frame and sash for extra functionality; weatherstripping materials also help create a seal between them to reduce air and water leakage.

Due to their straightforward construction process, single-hung windows tend to be cheaper to manufacture. However, this shouldn’t necessarily be considered a negative when making your purchase decision.

Single-hung windows offer advantages when considering whether they should be installed in areas with children, such as an upper-floor bedroom. Since they do not require an extra mechanism to move their top sash, they are safer for young ones and easier for their use than double-hung. This makes them better choices if frequent opening and closing would present difficulties—something double-hungs do require.

Single-hung windows let natural light flood your home, giving the impression of more space. They’re great choices for rooms like living rooms and kitchens that don’t need as much ventilation; however, if ventilation is essential in another part of the house, such as bathrooms, consider casement or awning windows instead for more excellent airflow.


Single-hung windows differ from double-hung windows by featuring an operable lower sash that moves up and down while the upper window frame remains stationary. This makes them an excellent option for homes with limited sightlines. Single-hung windows come in many shapes and sizes to meet your space requirements and are equipped with multiple glass and grid options so that your home will reflect your personal aesthetic and function perfectly.

Single-hung windows not only look good but also offer maximum ventilation. Their bottom sash can be opened for fresh air circulation while tilted inward for easier cleaning, making them ideal for rooms opening onto patios, porches, or walkways.

Window frames can be constructed of various materials, such as wood, vinyl, or fiberglass. Fiberglass frames tend to be energy efficient due to their insulation properties; some models even include extra foam insulation to further minimize energy losses and enhance performance.

Selecting the appropriate frame type is critical to prolonging the longevity of your windows. A robust and durable frame will protect against rot and other forms of damage over time and should complement both your home’s exterior aesthetics and curb appeal.

Our Series 130 single-hung windows, suitable for new construction or replacement, provide superior strength, energy efficiency, and lasting beauty. They are equipped with various operating types and frame designs, such as fusion-welded aluminum-clad exteriors or traditional wood single-hung windows with authentic spoon-lock hardware and intricate putty profiles, to meet various operating types and aesthetic preferences.

Single-hung windows offer an ideal alternative for homeowners on a tight budget, as they’re more affordable yet still provide comfort, security, and efficiency benefits. Furthermore, single-hung windows may also make an excellent addition to historic restoration projects as they’re less likely to deteriorate with age. When building or replacing existing windows in your home, we advise comparing both single-hung and double-hung options in order to find which best meets your project requirements – our knowledgeable staff would be more than happy to assist with choosing what would work for your project needs!


Window balance systems play a vital role in single-hung window operation, counteracting gravity’s force to ensure smooth opening and closing action. For optimal functionality and efficiency, spiral, cord & and weight, block & and tackle, or constant force balances should be regularly maintained and repaired in a timely manner.

Single-hung windows offer space savings when placed against tight spaces or walkways, unlike horizontal sliders, casement, or awning windows, which project outward. Furthermore, they help improve energy efficiency by creating an airtight seal when closed, which prevents drafts and heat loss.

Single-hung windows may appear straightforward to operate, yet they provide a range of styles and options to complement any architectural design or decor. From wood to vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum, single-hung windows come in an array of colors, finishes, and grille patterns that allow homeowners to achieve an aesthetically pleasing home design.

Spiral window balances consist of a spiral rod and spring housed inside a metal tube, commonly referred to as a tube balance. You can replace a spiral balance by simply replacing its spring with another and tightening it using a tensioning tool. This tool allows you to spin it while tightening to reach an ideal tension for opening/closing sash windows; too much tension makes the sash hard to operate, while too little tension could result in it falling to one side or falling completely!

Block and tackle window balance systems offer an effective alternative to spiral balances. They use pulleys, cords, and springs to counterbalance sash weight and ensure efficient operation. Highly durable yet lightweight in design, these systems can support even heavy sashes without issue—an excellent choice for older windows in homes.

Maintaining a block-and-tackle window balance system can be straightforward. One simple solution is lubricating its pulleys with lubricant to reduce friction and allow smooth sash movement while extending its lifespan. Bring in your old balances to Mobile Screen & Glass, and we will match a replacement based on the stamp, metal channel length, and stamp specifications.


Window jambs are the vertical components that create the sides of a window frame, typically attached by nails or screws to wall studs. If installing new single-hung windows, then prioritizing the removal of old jambs is crucial, as otherwise, the window will not fit correctly and possibly leak. When replacing one brand’s product with another (i.e., double-hung window),

Double-hung windows feature two operable sashes that move vertically within their frame, overlapping one another. This enables homeowners to open either of the operable sashes for increased ventilation in their homes.

This classic design strikes a balance between function and aesthetics and is available in wood, fiberglass, and vinyl materials. These windows can operate without protrusion from their frames – perfect for homes facing tall landscaping or outdoor structures.

Single-hung windows do offer ventilation, but double-hung windows work more effectively at preventing air loss and increasing energy efficiency in your home. This is because single-hung windows only open from the bottom sash; thus providing less airflow. A double-hung window provides maximum ventilation by opening both top and bottom sashes; making your room airier overall.

Single-hung windows can be challenging to clean. Most models don’t tilt in, requiring homeowners on the upper floors of their homes to go outside with ladders to reach the sash for cleaning—an often challenging and time-consuming endeavor that may even pose a potential danger.

Because of these advantages, single-hung windows are best suited to lower-level homes and spaces; however, these windows remain an affordable solution that prioritizes aesthetics and aesthetic appeal. Our single-hung windows come in an assortment of sizes, materials, grid patterns, and glass options to match any architectural style and complement new construction homes, remodeling projects, or replacement needs; additionally, they can even be combined with other window types to meet all needs.