Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Austin


Digital marketing is a critical part of modern business strategy. It enables businesses to cut through the noise of online advertisements and drive traffic to their websites.

Austin is home to several top-tier digital marketing agencies. They help businesses build their online presence, increase sales, and drive targeted traffic to their website.

Lucid Crew

Lucid Crew is an Austin web design company that specializes in website consultation and development for local companies. The team helps small and large businesses with their digital presence by delivering kick-awesome websites that engage and convert visitors into leads.

They also manage their client’s social media and search engine optimization strategies to help them achieve their goals. Their marketing services are a superb way to get your business in front of thousands of potential customers.

As a result, they have built an impressive track record of success. One of their best-known achievements was a spot during the Oscars showcasing the company’s new electric car, the Lucid Air.


Funsize is a digital design agency that strategizes, creates, and optimizes digital products and experiences. They work with large and small product teams worldwide to bring new products to market, evolve digital services and explore future opportunities.

Founded in 2015, Funsize has around 25 employees and is based in Austin. They specialize in product design, UI/UX design, and web development.

They have worked with clients in various industries, including technology, retail, and education. Their design team has also worked on projects for big brands such as Facebook, Oracle, and PayPal.

Their team is made up of highly collaborative designers who are focused on constantly learning and evolving. They value team success rather than individual achievement, love teaching, and mentoring, and care about being present and active.

Treemont Consulting

Treemont Consulting is a digital marketing agency with a team of outbound experts. They help customers improve their reach through email and social media marketing. Their outbound marketing services have boosted their client’s sales and revenues by $30 million.

Their outbound services include email and social media marketing, and they work with clients to create personalized copy that generates leads. They also provide email automation and lead management tools.

The firm has a small team and is located in Austin, Texas. They offer various services, including advertising, content marketing, logo design, and more.


EBQ is an Austin-based digital marketing agency that offers search engine optimization, web design, social media, and email marketing. They have an impressive track record of helping clients increase website traffic and online sales.

They provide SEO services to several small businesses, including a fitness training center. They helped the client to build a new website, write ad copy, and launch ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Their outsourced sales team uses HubSpot to make cold calls for prospecting and appointments. The agency also has a value track tool to help clients understand how their ad spend is performing.

Founded in 2010, this midsize firm specializes in digital strategy, pay-per-click, and search engine optimization. Their team of about 30 employees works with small and medium-sized companies.

North Star Inbound

North Star Inbound is an Austin-based content marketing, SEO, and digital PR agency with about 15 team members. They primarily work with midmarket firms and small businesses in business services, education, and consumer products.

They help brands create, develop and publish blogs, newsletters, infographics, email copy, and video productions to improve their online presence. They also offer link-building services to increase their clients’ authority and rankings in search engines.

They have a remote-friendly work environment and provide employees with paid time off, referral bonuses, health benefits, and more. Their management is supportive and encourages employees to contribute to the company’s growth.