What is the O Shot Price?


The O shot is an injectable treatment designed to stimulate new tissue growth in order to rejuvenate female vulvae. Results typically take several weeks to appear and last up to 18 months, making this an excellent solution for women who suffer from urinary incontinence. Read the Best info about o shot price.

Patients may experience greater clitoral stimulation, reduced pain during sex, increased lubrication, and enhanced orgasms with this treatment, which involves drawing a small sample of blood and mixing it with an activating serum for growth.

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The O-Shot is an effective treatment option for women struggling with sexual dysfunction and low libido. Additionally, it increases sexual sensitivity and vaginal health. Although generally safe and effective for most patients, before receiving the procedure, it’s essential that results be discussed with a doctor and that you check with insurance as to its coverage.

The cost of an O-shot can vary depending on where and who performs it, although injections should be relatively painless and take less than 30 minutes. We use special numbing cream for maximum comfort during treatment, making O-Shot extremely safe if performed by qualified providers.

Some women may require multiple O-shot treatments in order to achieve desired results, in which case regular follow-up treatments and annual injections should be scheduled in order to ensure maximum benefit from each infusion.

In contrast to many other vaginal rejuvenation procedures, O-Shot uses your platelet-rich plasma to heal any damage from aging or childbirth and to encourage the formation of new collagen. With no risk of leakage or severe side effects, this procedure boasts a high success rate and may even help women conceive!


The O-Shot is an innovative treatment using platelet-rich plasma to rejuvenate vaginal tissue. As an all-natural solution that requires no chemicals or drugs for its effectiveness, this procedure is quick and painless – an ideal option for women of any age experiencing reduced sensuality or sexual drive due to age or other factors.

O-Shot involves applying a topical numbing cream to the injection site before drawing blood and centrifuging it to separate plasma. Once the plasma has been split, it is then injected directly into two areas of the vaginal walls and clitoris to produce results in about an hour from start to finish. Some patients may experience mild vaginal irritation after the procedure, but this typically subsides within several days.

PRP therapy in an O-Shot can stimulate stem cell growth by increasing levels of natural nutrients and platelets in tissue, stimulating healthy regeneration of tissue regeneration while simultaneously increasing natural libido. In addition, this therapy may help treat Lichen Sclerosus and lessen urine incontinence; the results usually last a few months to a year, depending on the patient and other variables.


O-Shots are generally safe if performed by a certified O-Shot provider; however, as with any treatment there may be risks involved. These include pain, swelling, and changes in urination; however, these side effects tend to be mild and short-lived if they do arise. Incorrect performance of O-Shots may lead to urinary outflow obstruction, causing severe medical complications that require immediate attention from medical personnel.

As part of an O-Shot procedure, doctors will apply a topical anesthetic to the labia/G-spot/clitoris to numb these areas before injecting PRP. PRP is a concentrated serum made up of platelets drawn from your blood that has been widely used over many years in numerous procedures – FDA-approved devices are used to prepare it sterilely; there’s no chance of contracting a blood-borne disease during an O-Shot.

Following receiving the O-Shot, the majority of women see an increase in orgasmic intensity within 24 hours. The results typically last three months, and 18 months following treatment, complete recovery of sexual function may occur. At the same time, providers recommend that O-Shot sessions be given every three months for optimal results.

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