What is DAVE E Learning?


DAV E-Learning is an online software that efficiently and transparently manages all tutoring classes’ data – perfect for both tutors and their clients! DAV E Learning’s software serves students, parents, and tutors equally.

Provides a framework to analyze, interpret, and visualize micro-level behavior-driven learning data by non-specialized users in an easy and intuitive user experience. With its custom user experience design, it enables the user to design and update visualizations and reports using an entire data portfolio known as a workbook.

What is Davie learning?

Dav e-Learning is an online platform designed to assist students, parents, and tutors in managing data associated with class-based learning efficiently and transparently. It’s an intuitive app with features like online attendance tracking, fee management, homework submission, and performance reports – which students, parents, and tutors all love!

The DAVE School of Digital Arts and Entertainment is an innovative institution that equips its students to use LED wall virtual sets, photoreal production technologies, real-time production technologies, and emerging production technologies – leaving graduates ready to enter contemporary media creation careers.

Features of Dav e-learning

DAVE is a data visualization tool that supports the development of prototypes and dashboards for analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing xAPI data. DAVE extends the xAPI ecosystem by enabling learners to generate unique data sets within their learning environments.

Data can then be aggregated and shared throughout the learning ecosystem, using DAVE to visualize distributions of correct and incorrect answers on exams or to provide insight into which questions were most challenging for learners.

Disabled American Veterans Magazine featured an article on DAV iTRAK, an innovative learning system powered by Illumen’s technology for disabled American veterans to use to excel academically and in life. DAV iTRAK can assist veterans to excel in school and life; its functionality helps disabled military veterans excel academically and socially.

Pricing of Dav e-learning

Davton LMS is an outstanding learning management system with everything you need ready-made. Get up and running within minutes, quickly launch eLearning courses, virtual classrooms, instructor-led training, support xAPI standards for content interoperability standards, and create custom certifications with different expiration dates for any certificates you make.

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