The Charm House on Lake Saint Clair


The Little Charmers use their Club House as a hub for creating magical potions, brainstorming solutions to problems, planning adventures, and sleeping over. Their cauldron provides ample opportunity for cooking up unique concoctions!

Real estate listings often use “charming” as a code word for small and cramped, while interior designers have a more genuine definition of what makes a home charming.


The house was constructed during the early 19th century as a Georgian-style dwelling that slowly expanded over time, including adding a large dining room later on. Additionally, this property initially belonged to Offington Estate before eventually being sold off in the late 1800s.

The house has been home to multiple families throughout its existence; it is currently owned by Barbara Mitchell (a local), who purchased it with her husband in 2022, with plans to turn it into a community center for neighborhood children.

During the 1950s, this house served as both a boarding home and tea room owned by a couple named Asbury, who were active participants in community affairs, hosting parties and receptions at their Corinthian-columned home, which was later sold to Wallaces, who used it as both a boarding house and tearoom, eventually coining its new moniker of Charm House.

Cory and Longworth of Buffalo Construction Company saved this building from being demolished during the 1970s by keeping it with refurbishments of Electric, Food, and Beverage buildings, as well as moving the pool table back towards the bar to make space for a lounge area – this proved highly effective as socializing is more conducive than playing pool.

Another eye-catching element of the charming house is its stairwell. Adorned with large multicolored cobblestones and small colorful bushes, the staircase leads to the house’s entrance and features various rooms, each themed differently: Hazel’s Charm Room is above a shared “common” area, while Posie and Lavender have separate Charm rooms to the left and right respectively.

The stairway features a stained glass window from Broadwater Church and was once home to Mr Alfred King, remembered fondly by locals for his generosity to the community. Charmandean has also been the focus of numerous articles in newspapers; for more information about its history, please visit Charmandean – A Photo Album page.


Charm House is the meeting spot of choice for the Little Charmers to practice their magic and explore its depths. Situated near Hazel’s house, they spend much time here, playing games, sharing secrets, and cooking up potions as they explore its depths. Furthermore, the place serves as a venue for magical meetings and other related events.

Barbara and Robert Mitchell of Blue Ridge, Georgia, own The Charm House after its original owners, Bob and Betty Congdon, passed away. These well-recognized community figures purchased the home in 2011 with plans to renovate it into its present state.

Colegio Charm House has long been an aristocratic palace and, later, a Catholic boys’ school. Today, it stands as a 20-room boutique hotel owned and run by its original family owners; guests will experience cozy accommodations decorated with personal touches, including antique furniture. This place is located just minutes from Tavira beaches and golf courses and close to Sao Lourenco Church.

Those familiar with Southern Charm may recognize Rutledge Avenue’s charming house in Charleston, SC, as easily identifiable due to its six-column pedimented portico with composite capitals crafted from cypress and decorated with rams’ heads. Inside is filled with Patricia Altschul’s magnificent collection of silhouette portraits dating from between the 18th and 19th centuries – perfect for viewing on Southern Charm!

On the show, Charm House serves as the hub of many events and gatherings involving its cast. This provides them with a place to socialize and connect. Furthermore, this home serves as the venue for their annual Charmers ball in November.

Whoever wishes to visit the Charm House can do so by reaching out directly to its homeowners; you can reach them at (214) 9534111111. It is not open to the general public, but it is definitely worth taking a peek!


Making your home truly charming requires more than selecting furniture and paint colors – it means weaving narratives and personal stories into each room and showcasing collections that hold meaning for you. Combining these elements will enable you to craft a home with a unique charm all its own.

Houses considered charming can often have an inviting and welcoming ambiance that’s enhanced by furniture with eclectic styles or personalized touches, lighting features like mirrors, or architectural elements like lighting. Lighting, mirrors, or any architectural features can all contribute to creating this atmosphere, so the best way to bring this feel-good charm home experience home is to choose furniture with eclectic styles and add personal touches that reflect this quality.

This remarkable house was constructed for the 1915-16 Panama-California Exposition at Balboa Park and earned its current name of “House of Charm” when it became a museum building in 1935. A beautiful example of Mission Revival architecture, it now houses historic exhibits as well as a restaurant.

When the Little Charmers need somewhere to gather and brainstorm, they head straight for the Charm House clubhouse. Here, they can experiment with various potions in their cauldron while conversing with one another or simply relaxing. Every Little Charmer has a room within this magical clubhouse; Hazel’s can be found above what Hazel calls their “common room,” while Posie and Lavender have one on either side of her, respectively.

The Charm House served as the hub of social life in Clarkesville until it fell into disrepair during the late 1920s, at which point Mabel Fry took ownership. She transformed it into an inn named Charm House after its long association with Clarkesville, and this has remained its name to this day. Over its tenure as an inn as a private residence or for business use – local folklore claims that over 1,000 babies were delivered through its door!


On Lake Saint Clair lies this exceptional home – named Edyth Fern Melrose House after radio and TV host Edyth Fern Melrose, also known as “The Lady of Charm.” It boasts five bathrooms – each unique from the other, such as one having an enormous leaf sink or copper tub on wheels – but everyone seems most intrigued by the “Throne Room.”

This unique property, named The “Throne Room,” boasts a toilet designed to emulate an actual throne, making anyone who sits on it feel like royalty — at least when they poop! Tom Fincham of Community Choice Realty currently lists it for $979,000; check it out here! Also, catch Southern Charm on Thursdays at 9/8c and Peacock!