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SeniorPeopleMeet Review


In this blog, we have articulated a comprehensive SeniorPeopleMeet review that you should find interesting in the long run.

Being a dating platform, the primary objective of SeniorPeopleMeet will be to connect singles who are more than 50 years of age. You will come across quite a few senior dating sites intended for younger users of different types of sexual orientations in the present online market. Nevertheless, you will not find many platforms which are ideal for mature individuals. It is a wrong idea to think that singles who are more than 50 years of age will not be able to commence new relationships or fall in love. Although they can do it, it can be challenging for senior people to become the younger individuals browsing dating platforms on a daily basis.

It is a fact that SeniorPeopleMeet comprehends the requirements of its users who are trying to find life partners. SeniorPeopleMeet welcomes individuals of both genders who are more than 50 years of age to make certain that they will be able to find matches with members of the identical age bracket. It is also imperative for beginners to pass the photo verification test in order to join this particular dating site. Sadly, you will also find gold diggers right here. Instead of trying to search for love, their intention is to make some profit in the long run by exploiting senior subscribers.

In spite of this, there are more individuals who are searching for love on SeniorPeopleMeet compared to these rule breakers. Individuals of both genders simply love the site in the US and Canada at present. Below, we have mentioned the advantages and drawbacks of this online match finder that should be helpful to you.

SeniorPeopleMeet reputation in history

Despite the fact that SeniorPeopleMeet operates across the globe, its primary users happen to be US residents. There are approximately 2 million users from America and Canada right now who are making use of this dating site. It is a fact that communication used to happen in real-time instead of the screen when these people were young and there was no Internet. It’ll be advisable for the senior members to verify everything comprehensively before registering with any particular dating portal.

There is no doubt that SeniorPeopleMeet is a blessing in disguise for individuals who are more than 50 years of age. It has been indicated by statistics that approximately 350,000 new visitors sign up on this platform on a monthly basis and the total number of members is approximately 2 million at present. The majority of the feedback from the users of the site is positive, and most of the seniors feel quite secure while using this site. We have not yet got any report of hostile actions from the community till now. However, the only drawback might be the presence of some gold-diggers who want to generate cash instead of finding their love.

Registering at SeniorPeopleMeet

  • It is imperative for new users to fill out a form if they want to create an account on SeniorPeopleMeet.
  • The most notable thing is that it will not take a long time to create an account right here. Only 3 to 5 minutes will be required for getting the job done.
  • One can load as many as 30 photographs on this particular website.
  • Being quite user-friendly, this process will not be difficult for even senior individuals whatsoever.

It is very simple to create a profile on SeniorPeopleMeet. You have to answer several personality questions on other websites, but this one will need you to only provide some basic information and that’s all! The process of signing up comes with 6 screens and following this, you can jump into your account instantly and begin to create your profile.

SeniorPeopleMeet Review
SeniorPeopleMeet Review

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How to make contact on SeniorPeopleMeet

  • You will come across a free search tool on SeniorPeopleMeet where it is possible for members to browse through the user profiles of other people.
  • It is possible to filter the search tool so that they depict only the new members or those who are online.
  • The site provides as many as 11 matches every day to the users.
  • It is possible to filter the search results with the help of several parameters.
  • You will also come across the chat room right here.
  • The users will receive notifications of messages, visits, and likes by means of email.

You will come across several ways on this site that will help the users to find their partners. It is possible for the users to play a game known as Who Do You Like. It is possible for them to select which user they are interested in, or they might skip both in case they are not interested at all. One more game known as “I’m Interested” is also available on this site which is almost identical to speed dating. The site will depict a photograph of a random user along with some basic information like age, last online activity, and location.

Sadly, despite the fact that there are plenty of options that will help the users to find their possible matches, it is a different story altogether to contact them. For this, a paid subscription will be required for the users to contact those potential matches plus talk to them.

Profile quality of SeniorPeopleMeet

  • The pictures of every single user of the website are visible including even that of the free users.
  • The site has not imposed any stringent identification system which implies that the information provided by the members will not be verified whatsoever.
  • The site comes with a photo verification process which helps to make sure that it has not been taken from the Internet directly, or that it is not copyright material.
  • There are plenty of fake profiles on the site, taking into consideration is target market.
  • The different text boxes and fields can be filled up by the members and provide lots of information to the other users regarding that individual.
  • It’ll be possible to modify the profile information afterward.
  • The profiles are comprehensive.
  • It is possible for every individual to see the profile pictures without paying anything whatsoever.

Lots of profiles on this particular website are not legitimate despite the fact that SeniorPeopleMeet provides several ways to the members by which the profiles can be customized. There are many scammers on the site with fake profiles since senior citizens are not the target users of this site. The scammers want to manipulate the senior members of SeniorPeopleMeet to provide them with money. Unfortunately, there is no identification verification system on the site to make certain that every single member is what they claim to be. It is possible for the members to report fraudulent profiles although it happens usually only after they are cheated.

SeniorPeopleMeet features

  • It is possible for the members to see who is online and who has seen their profiles.
  • Simple search filters by distance, username, age, and keyword.
  • It is possible for the free members to send favorite profiles or flirts according to their preferences.
  • There are some intriguing games on the site such as “Are You Interested?” and “Who Do You Like?” for encouraging the users to browse other users in their area within a short time.
  • It is also possible for subscribers to gain access to live chat features.
  • Subscribers will receive enhanced search options as well as match options along with the ability to receive and send messages.

Other features

  • It is possible for members with a subscription plan to view who is interested in them.
  • ConnectMe will provide a phone number to the members which can be used to text and talk without any need of giving their real numbers.
  • Members will be informed by NotifyMe (costing 20 tokens) once any particular individual logs in during the subsequent 7 days.
  • Token system enables members to access premium features, promote themselves, and also dispatch virtual gifts on this particular site.
  • MatchMe (also costing 20 tokens) will provide the ability to the members to place themselves in the Daily Matches of someone else to verify whether the interest happens to be mutual.
SeniorPeopleMeet Review
SeniorPeopleMeet Review

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Simplicity of usage

It is a fact that you might be inquisitive about how SeniorPeopleMeet actually functions. Here, we like to mention that it is quite simple. Absolutely clear instructions are provided by the site through and through so that there is no need for the new members to feel confused because of all the available features.

It will not take a long time to create a profile in SeniorPeopleMeet. For this, you simply have to provide a username, password, ZIP Code, and birth date. It is imperative for all usernames to contain only numbers and letters only. You also need to supply your email address for proving your identity. However, the email addresses will not be shared by these dating sites at all with any other 3rd party companies.

New members are prompted by the site to add a minimum of one profile photo although it is possible to skip this particular step if you like. Also, it has been shown that it is possible to receive much more attention with the help of photos in the profiles since individuals like to know which person they are speaking to. It’ll be possible to abide by the general guidelines while checking out the site in case you are not comfortable with the idea of adding photos.

It will be possible for you to browse as long as you want without paying anything whatsoever. It’ll be imperative to sign up for any of these subsequent plans if you like to speak to individuals online:

  • Standard Plan: This particular subscription facility for 6 months consists of complete mobile access as well as unlimited messaging features.
  • The Best Value Plan: A subscription for 6 months consisting of complete mobile access, messaging, as well as enhanced visibility on the site.
  • Full Price: A subscription for one month consisting of unlimited access to the app as well as messaging.

The Best Value Plan is going to provide the maximum number of features consisting of a profile highlight as well. However, only serious individuals will be able to sign up for this particular plan given that it happens to be a significant investment. The solutions are going to be renewed automatically until the plans are canceled by the member on the Account Settings page.

Safety is of prime importance when seniors are browsing online since there are many criminals who like to target this particular demographic which happens to be vulnerable. For this reason, the site mentioned in this article is going to highlight online dating safety guidelines clearly on the website. It will highlight precautionary measures as well as invaluable health information plus hotlines to call in the event of something happening.

SeniorPeopleMeet can flag individuals for breaching its terms of behavior with the help of:

  • Requesting photographs
  • Asking for donations of money
  • Sending offensive or harassing emails or messages
  • Other sources of inappropriate, spamming, or fraudulent behavior

It is imperative for the members to report any individual showcasing these types of behaviors while using the site. Moreover, they should be aware of sharing their information with any person that they come across online. Users will not be sent an email by SeniorPeopleMeet requesting them to provide their personal info. Therefore, in case somebody receives an email of this category asking for financial information or a private contact number, they should report it immediately.

SeniorPeopleMeet Review
SeniorPeopleMeet Review

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It is an undeniable fact that SeniorPeopleMeet will foster a user-friendly dating platform from beginning to end. You will be able to get started with the help of just one single email address, and the process will be even smoother in case you register by means of Facebook. There is no doubt that SeniorPeopleMeet happens to be one of the most well-known dating sites for senior individuals whose age is more than 55 years, and it is used by many users across the globe actively at present with great success which will encourage you to have a go at it as well.