New Hope Learning Center Moves Into a New Facility


New Hope Learning Center is a student-centric school designed to give those with autism or developmental disabilities the best chance at realizing their full potential. Its 40,000-square-foot facility features visual supports, diffused lighting, individual playgrounds, and sensory rooms within classrooms – everything needed to reach that potential.

The New Hope Learning Center was designed to meet the childcare needs of Smyrna and its surrounding communities. Offering five programs catering to infants as young as six weeks to children aged school age.

We’re a community.

New Hope Learning Center, as a teacher-founded nonprofit, has earned the trust of teachers, donors, and community partners throughout Minnesota and beyond. Students who enroll at New Hope Learning Center are treated like gifts in our safe environment – encouraging self-confidence building as they create connections within the community. Our programs cultivate community development that prepares young adults to leave high school behind and live independently as independent adults.

Our new learning center was designed to offer more space for our program staff to collaborate effectively and additional efficiencies such as group processing spaces. Under current conditions, the team must travel between three Mission locations for meetings, which often delays work processes and reduces face time with residents.

With our new space, all intake and renewal counselors, program management staff, and chaplains will have individual offices so teamwork can occur more easily in one location – this will reduce travel and isolation for new residents while increasing comfort and support. Furthermore, with its more spacious conference rooms, we can offer continuing education classes for residents.

We’re a family.

The new Learning Center will help residents more efficiently by offering increased program space and essential services. Here lies much of the heart-healing process and renewal for residents; more meetings, class options, and expansion of serving residents daily are also possible thanks to this facility. Conference rooms will allow more extensive group discussions and processing groups/small group formation for further growth with residents.

Residents can develop various skills and enrich their lives by attending free classes such as afternoon tutoring, computer and internet use classes, English as a Second Language instruction, and English as a Foreign Language classes at this new Learning Center. It will also offer quality after-school programming for children, including activities like art, music, theater performances, and sports, with homework help available as part of its after-school programs.

Current Learning Center space on Camp Street is limited; with our new Learning Center on its way, we will have more space available for our Program Team of Intake/Renewal Counselors, program management staff, chaplains, and program administration – providing more privacy and efficiency to their work.