KBS Tour 90 Iron Shafts


KBS Tour 90s are engineered to fit major manufacturers’ pro-line irons with their signature KBS feel in an ultra-light construction. At 20% lighter than steel shafts, these shafts make an excellent choice for golfers looking for higher ball flights while maintaining moderate swing tempos.

This shaft provides a highly soft kick but only works effectively with consistent and slow swings. Anything else will struggle to lift the ball into flight.

High Trajectory

The Tour 90 shaft from KBS is the lightest option in their lineup and is designed for players seeking tight dispersion, higher trajectory, more spin, and maximum distance. This lightweight design maximizes energy transfer by being 20% lighter than standard steel shafts, resulting in increased swing and ball speeds. Independent testing shows this shaft averaged an extra 9.9% distance from leading competitors.

KBS shaft lineup features 14 models (each in various weights and flexes), as they believe golfers don’t always give enough consideration when selecting a shaft type for their irons. Their philosophy holds that, as long as golfers receive proper fitting on day one, they can progress through all KBS shaft families throughout their careers.

KBS shafts are engineered to fit players from hard-hitting tour pros to moderate-speed, high-handicap amateurs. As such, they feature an array of shaft options explicitly tailored for every player and swing type.

The Tour 90 is a high-profile, mid-spin shaft designed for players seeking more carry and less under-spin on approach shots. Additionally, its lower swing speeds make it suitable for players needing assistance getting the ball up into the air without expending much energy on their swing. Senior players who wish to retain steel shafts for longer may find this product ideal; it may even serve as an option between regular flex for distance and stiff for accuracy when making choices between regular or stiff flex options. Half flex options such as R+ or S+ can help remove that decision between regular flex for distance or stiffer accuracy!

High Spin

KBS shafts are high-spin models designed to generate plenty of spin, helping keep the ball on the ground longer. This makes KBS models great choices for players struggling to control the ball in the air and looking to improve control in green areas. Furthermore, their piercing trajectory increases carry distance further.

A vital advantage of the high-spin kbs tour 90 is its ability to reduce the swing speed required to achieve desired ball flight, making it suitable for golfers at all handicap levels, including high handicappers. There is also an assortment of weighted shaft options, so you can find one that meets both your club speed needs and feels comfortable to hit.

KBS shafts are built for all levels of golfers. Available in various lengths to meet every golfer’s needs and with flexible flexes and weight options to meet individual preferences, these shafts make a perfect addition to your club collection.

KBS iron shafts have long been beloved tools of golfers everywhere, with one of their most beloved options being the C-Taper 90. This lightweight shaft is excellent for players seeking mid-to-high trajectory with low kick points. Furthermore, its consistent bending profile across flexes enables precise shot-making. Available weight options are 115g, 125g, and 135g, respectively, for R, S, or X flexing options.

KBS also offers a lighter, higher-launch Max shaft explicitly designed for players with moderate swing speeds and slower swing speeds. Independent testing has demonstrated this model can produce up to 9% more carry distance than its leading competitors.

KBS shafts have earned themselves a stellar reputation among professional golfers as some of the finest feel steel shafts available, with several players on the PGA Tour opting for them. Kim Braly, founder and president of KBS shafts, is well renowned for his dedication to quality and performance, as is evident by many opting for them on tour. Additionally, his commitment is unrivaled as every golfer receives precisely the right shaft to complement their club – as evidenced by their wide selection of graphite and steel shafts worldwide!

Smooth Feel

KBS golf shafts have quickly become one of the most beloved iron shafts among both professionals and amateur players alike. Crafted to deliver a smooth feel while providing exceptional performance and consistency, these iron shafts have become immensely popular. If you want something with a low spin rate or extremely smooth performance, the KBs Tour 90 shaft is for you – its soft tip provides higher ball trajectory while its 20% lighter weight helps increase distance achieved.

The KBS Tour shaft comes in several flexes ranging from regular to stiff. With its lightweight construction and familiar inflexible flex options, this shaft makes an excellent choice for golfers with slow to moderate swing tempos. Available spec weights range from 110-gram regular flex to 125-gram extra-stiff flex.

Both KBs tour and tour lite models are constructed of premium steel materials and come in multiple flexes that can be tailored to match your desired clubhead size. In addition, the Tour Lite model weighs 20% less than its counterpart for added performance without compromising on feel.

Both KB shafts are engineered to promote higher ball flight and increase distance and are suitable for players of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. Kim Braly and FST collaborated on developing these shafts using molecular engineering technology for consistent, uniform beams.

The KB golf shaft is the company’s best-selling model, available in both regular and stiff flex options. Their flagship graphite shaft, the KBs Tour, is especially beloved among professionals. Recently introduced as part of their Tour Lite family of posts in 2022, its lightweight design and outstanding performance quickly won over golfers of all levels and speeds, especially those requiring high-trajectory shots with more spin.

Low Kick Point

The KBS Tour 90 steel shaft is the lightest steel shaft available from the KBS iron shaft line and is designed for players seeking higher trajectory, additional spin, precision control, and maximum distance. At 20% lighter than standard shafts, it helps players increase swing & ball speeds as well as averaging an additional 9% more distance in independent testing than leading competitors.

The Tour 90 is an ideal choice for players with moderate-to-slow swing tempos who wish to maximize club performance. The shaft promotes higher ball flight, helping avoid those pesky “dive bomb” shots that many lowball hitters struggle with. Furthermore, additional spin helps keep the ball aloft for increased carry distance.

The KBS Tour stands out among heavier-weight iron shafts due to its lower kick point than most metals; however, this does not equate to instability; indeed, it boasts one of the highest swing speed ranges for steel shafts – provided your swing speed remains consistent and slow tempo for best results.

KBS offers an assortment of shafts designed to suit every player’s swing speed and swing type, such as their Tour 90 Light shaft. Ideal for slow-tempo players looking to maximize club performance with maximum swing and ball speeds, this lighter option helps increase swing & ball speeds by 20% over other steel shafts.

The Tour 90 iron shaft is a lightweight iron shaft designed with larger outer diameters that create a stable tip section and tight shot dispersion, fitting most manufacturers’ pro-line irons and wedges with a taper tip diameter of 0.355 inches. Although slightly stiffer than its FC90 R-flex counterpart, this Tour 90 shaft still offers greater flexibility throughout its butt and mid sections and tests slightly stiffer overall than most steel shafts on tests conducted against it.