Jurassic World Live Tour Boston


Jurassic World Live Tour was an action-packed spectacle that delighted both children and adults. Boasting unmatched arena production quality, this show brought dinosaurs to life for an immersive and exciting experience.

Between the two Jurassic World films on Isla Nublar lies this storyline as scientists work to unravel an illegal plan and rescue Troodon dinosaur Jeanie. You’ll also recognize some familiar faces, such as Blue, who saved Owen Grady’s life.

Experience the action

The Jurassic World Live Tour makes its grand entrance into New England this week with three shows: Amica Mutual Pavilion in Providence, Agganis Arena in Boston, and DCU Center in Worcester. These exciting productions combine special effects with dinosaurs in an engaging narrative storyline suitable for both children and adults.

Feld Entertainment, creators of Disney on Ice, brings audiences another spectacular show! Isla Nublar is transformed into Isla Nublar as fans embark on a mission to uncover an evil scheme and save Troodon dino Jeanie from evildoers. There is beautiful scenery and lighting, and even an immersive environmental seating section on the arena floor to complete this immersive experience!

JURASSIC WORLD: LIVE TOUR is an incredible, family-friendly adventure and a must-see for all dinosaur lovers. This production showcases film-accurate life-sized dinosaurs such as Blue the Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and even an impressive 40ft Tyrannosaurus Rex! All dinosaurs are controlled both by actors and animatronics for maximum realism in their performance.

The production features an ensemble cast of highly skilled actors who bring to life all of the beloved characters and storylines from the movies. Madison Embrey makes an unforgettable Dr. Kate Walker from Isla Nublar, who strives to understand more about how dinosaurs feel while also investigating an InGen facility in Chile that secretly weaponizes dinosaurs.

Audiences will experience a thrill-packed, action-packed adventure as they get up close and personal with some of their favorite dinosaurs, join a team of scientists in uncovering a villain’s plot, and save Jeanie, a Troodon dinosaur. The set is spectacular, its dinosaurs appear lifelike, the special effects are highly captivating, and the music offers an exhilarating musical backdrop to this memorable show!

Each ticket includes an exclusive pre-show experience that opens one hour prior to showtime, featuring photo ops with Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Baby Bumpy, and the Jurassic World Jeep, as well as interactive features like the Gyrosphere utility terrain vehicle and glass globe that you may recognize from the movie franchise.

Experience the adventure

The Jurassic World Live Tour will be making stops across Rhode Island over several weeks, visiting Providence at Amica Mutual Pavilion on Thursday, Agganis Arena in Boston on Saturday, and Worcester DCU Center from April 14 through 16. This production promises fans will experience dinosaurs up close and personal while on an action-adventure, creating excitement and fun for the whole family. Tickets include an interactive pre-show experience that provides photo ops with Triceratops, Stegosaurus Baby Bumpy, as well as Jeep and Gyrosphere from the Jurassic World film franchise.

The show itself is fast-paced, with several surprises that will keep audiences spellbound. All dinosaurs in this production are film accurate; actors operate some while others are animatronics or both; this includes Blue the Velociraptor from the movies, Troodon Jeanie with her eggs, Stegosaurus as well as Pterodactyls, Stegosaurus’ and Tyrannosaurus Rex’s that make appearances.

Jurassic World Live Tour is an immersive theatrical production produced by Feld Entertainment in partnership with Universal Pictures, premiering in 2019 and set after Indominus Rex’s rampage in Jurassic World and before Fallen Kingdom occurs on Isla Nublar. This show follows Dr. Kate Walker and her team of scientists and interns as they attempt to gain more insight into dinosaur emotions while uncovering a corrupt plan to rescue a Troodon dinosaur named Jeannie from certain doom.

The show has become a worldwide sensation, seen by over 10 million people since 2024. Critical acclaim was widespread, selling out across cities in the US, UK, and Europe and becoming an essential event for fans of the movie series. Touring will continue throughout 2020 before hitting Australia in 2021.

Experience the music

Jurassic World Live Tour makes its triumphant return to Boston this spring with performances at Agganis Arena at Boston University and DCU Center through April 9. This captivating arena production brings some of the iconic dinosaurs from Jurassic World movies to life through an engaging live experience that is sure to thrill audiences of all ages.

This show, first seen in Europe in 2019, features over 24 film-accurate and life-sized dinosaurs that move with impressive scale, speed, and ferocity under the control of an elite production team known as dinosaurs. It is produced by Feld Entertainment (creators of Disney on Ice and other family-oriented shows), which also has shows like Invaders from Mars.

At this live arena show, the arena floor is transformed into Isla Nublar. The storyline takes place between the first two Jurassic World films and centers around Kate Walker (played by Madison Embrey), an animal behaviorist trying to understand more fully the emotions and thought processes of dinosaurs like Jeannie. She works alongside her interns and fellow scientists in order to reunite Jeannie’s eggs with those belonging to her family, as well as uncover a corrupt plan at the Desert InGen facility.

Although this show primarily covers scientific material, it also incorporates elements of comedy and music for added entertainment. With an interactive set design and costumed actors that make you feel part of the storyline and animatronic dinosaurs that come to life!

There are some mildly frightening aspects to the show, which adds an extra level of thrill. It’s an enjoyable activity for children of all ages; however, those under four should avoid it due to the enormous dinosaurs, which may startle them.

There are various ways you can experience the show, such as buying advance tickets. Tickets may be purchased at the box office, online, or over the phone by calling 800-514-TIXX or signing up as a Preferred Customer and get tickets before they become available to the general public on October 25. This is an incredible chance to watch and save on tickets at once.

Experience the thrills

Jurassic World Live will transport audiences right into the action-packed franchise, featuring iconic elements from each movie, like Velociraptor Blue and Tyrannosaurus Rex (that measures more than 40 feet on stage), new characters and creatures, as well as familiar ones from previous installments like Gyrosphere (that tourists ride around in a while viewing dinosaurs in films), Asset Containment Unit (ACU), tricked-out Jurassic World Jeeps and flying Pteranodons as well as iconic scores by John Williams and Michael Giacchino from cinema!

Madison Embrey stars as Dr. Kate Walker, an academic who studies dinosaur behavior and emotions to better understand their mental capacities – alongside Jeannie the Troodon. They operate under an unsavory scheme to weaponize dinosaurs at an InGen facility located in Columbus’ Schottenstein Center. The play opens this September.

Feld spent two years fine-tuning his story, creating video content, making dinosaurs, and working with NBCUniversal on music for this project. A team of over 30 people, including “dinoters” who act as humans inside some dinosaurs, worked diligently to make sure everything looked and sounded just like its cinematic counterparts.

Nobels remarked, however, that Feld had successfully managed to do just that with Jurassic World Live.

The show is designed for families yet will entertain anyone who loves the franchise. For those wanting a closer view, a VIP seating section offers seats on the arena floor close to where dinosaurs roam freely – it costs more than general admission tickets but offers a thrilling viewing experience, with dino scout seats offering children even closer access.