FFIV Fashion Report


Fashion Report can be an entertaining way to earn MGP every week, yet choosing gear and dyes can be difficult.

To take part, players need to visit Masked Rose in the Gold Saucer each Tuesday; she will offer an exciting themed challenge!

How to Participate

The Fashion Report in the Gold Saucer is a weekly challenge calling players to create outfits that match a specific theme. Each Tuesday, these themes are released, with rewards available for those who complete this challenge successfully; those achieving higher ratings could even earn the title of Fashion Leader! Players should consult Masked Rose for advice on what gear is suitable to participate.

Start at Wonder Square (X:7.2, Y:7.4) and speak to Masked Rose in the center of the area; she’ll provide a list of clues for this week’s theme, and you will have an opportunity to present yourself for judging on Friday – just four times per week, giving plenty of room for experimentation and finding your ideal ensemble!

Once you present yourself for evaluation, Masked Rose will reveal your score and rewards, ranging from simple MGP rewards to unique items suitable for use with Gold Saucer. Furthermore, those achieving an 80 or higher rating will also receive an extra 10,000 MGP in addition to unlocking Kasumi’s boutique to access additional goodies!

Masked Rose will only give players vague hints about the gear she expects them to wear for judging, so all your equipment must fit perfectly into its proper slots before trying on any outfit. Any gear worn will be considered according to its glamourized form; players won’t be able to trade items they have equipped during the judging process.

KaiyokoStar on Twitter offers an invaluable service: an itemized chart listing gear suitable for each week’s theme, so those struggling with what load to wear don’t waste Gil on costly equipment or dyes, nor waste time experimenting through trial and error.


Fashion Report is one of the many ways players can earn money in Final Fantasy XIV, although its rewards may seem scarce initially. But those who commit themselves to regularly participating will eventually see a steady flow of virtual cash coming their way. Furthermore, high ratings in fashion reports can unlock access to Kasumi’s Boutique, where unique items may not be found elsewhere in the game.

To participate in the fashion report, players must approach Lewena in the Gold Saucer (X:4.8 Y:6.1). She will grant them the Passion for Fashion quest, which allows them to present themselves for judging each week by Masked Rose according to a specific theme she assigns for that week. Participation awards 10,000 MGP, with high-rating competitors receiving up to an additional 50,000 MGP reward; additionally, those who consistently participate will earn the title “Fashion Leader.”

Attaining maximum success at Fashion Report requires becoming acquainted with its themes every week and creating an 11-item outfit that meets the requirements. Masked Rose guides which equipment would work best in competition; this enables players to maximize scoring potential and get maximum enjoyment out of this weekly event. Besides earning MGP rewards for completion, completing each fashion report unlocks rewards from Kasumi’s shop located next to Masked Rose; these rewards may include furniture pieces, dyes, or other sparkly accessories to add some pizzazz to any ensemble!

Time Restraints

Fashion Report can be entertaining to earn extra MGP and showcase your style in Eorzean, but its time restrictions may prove challenging. Players only have a week to complete this event which may prove frustrating when searching for gear that matches its theme – particularly when specific pieces cannot be easily acquired via tomes or crafting. One solution could be eliminating item binding from the Fashion Report feature, enabling players to sell or trade gear to find something more suitable.

Equipment Requirements

Fashion Report gear doesn’t need to be worn; create a plate with dyes that match its items from Glamour Dresser and have it judged according to its glamoured appearance rather than how equipped it may be. This approach can be constructive if you have plenty of gear suitable for Fashion Report but that isn’t currently being worn in battles, raids, trials, or questing situations.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Fashion Report activity can be unlocked after reaching level 15 and accessing the Gold Saucer area. Once in, players can speak to Lewena near X:4.8 Y:6.1 to begin Passion for Fashion Quest.

Players will then have access to Masked Rose in the Gold Saucer and participate in Fashion Report every Tuesday; themes for Fashion Report are announced every week on Tuesday; activity will remain active until next Tuesday’s announcement, with rewards mainly consisting of MGP but possibly also featuring unique clothing from Kasumi that may be sold off for extra Gil.