December Flower Tattoos


Every month of the year has an official birth flower, representing positivity and hopefulness to people born during that month. People often get these blooms tattooed onto their bodies to honor this symbolism of hopefulness and positivity.

Dewberry flower tattoos look wonderful when kept small and presentable; December flower tattoos are no different! Many tattoo enthusiasts look for neat designs as a focal point.


Narcissus is a well-known flower symbolizing self-love and reflection as a gentle reminder to appreciate our beauty and inner strength for those born in December seeking to celebrate themselves and those around them with tattoos commemorating December’s birth flowers. This tattoo can be worn on the wrist, forearm, shoulder, or ankle and is an excellent celebration of this month!

An elegant narcissus flower is the ideal tattoo to represent rebirth and renewal for December birthdays, often known as the daffodil or white and blooming during wintertime. It is a famous sight at Japanese Hanami festivals, where it pairs beautifully with cherry blossoms to mark spring’s arrival; additionally, it serves as Wales’ national flower and is associated with St. David’s Day.

Greek mythology’s narcissus is associated with self-love and vanity. According to its legend, Narcissus became obsessed with himself until starvation led to his death and transformation into the flower narcissus.

Blackwork narcissus tattoos can be an elegant and striking tribute to this delicate flower, using intricate linework and shading techniques to produce an eye-catching piece. Blackwork tattoos are suitable for wrist, forearm, or ankle placement, making an excellent statement of artistic talent.


If you were born in December, perhaps consider getting a beautiful flower tattoo for your birthday celebration! December birth flower tattoos come with stunning designs and incredible meaning; choose something to represent who you are or as an expression of affection towards someone special – these tattoos provide the ideal way to show your love while marking another special milestone on your journey through life!

Narcissus flowers represent hope, renewal, and new beginnings, with their yellow hues representing happiness and friendship. Narcissus tattoos are a daily reminder of good luck and joy while representing inner beauty and the power of rebirth.

The holly tree is a symbol of domestic bliss and peace. Its beautiful red berries can often be seen decorating Christmas trees – making this the ideal present for anyone born during December! Additionally, this tattoo represents your family and friendship.

Are you in search of an adorable and original flower tattoo? Look no further than this beautiful holly design! This tattoo will add beauty and uniqueness to your body art collection; it will help keep you upbeat during difficult times while reminding you to keep faith in God regardless. Plus, it makes the perfect addition for the holiday season!


Poinsettia flowers represent new beginnings and hope. A classic Christmas symbol, they make for great tattoos in December – especially among people who celebrate Christmas as they believe it symbolizes God’s love and grace.

Poinsettias can grow quite large, so you should opt for one with larger blooms than is shown here when planting them in soil, mix that drains well, and water regularly without overdoing it.

This flower is thought to have medicinal properties that can help treat fevers, ease pain, and treat inflammation, acne, and warts. As with all forms of treatment, please seek professional advice before trying any remedies yourself.

The holly is often associated with good luck and prosperity, making it an ideal choice for December flower tattoos. Additionally, it is said to protect against thunder and lightning and is one of the world’s most protective plants against insects, fungi, parasites, and diseases such as parasites; additionally, its leaves contain chemicals that repel mosquitoes from its foliage.


The daisy flower symbolizes innocence, purity, joy, luck, friendship, and beauty. Daisy flowers have long been used as an emblem to represent various social goals, such as peace initiatives or women’s rights movements – these characteristics make them popular choices for tattoos due to their simplicity and beauty. Daisy tattoos have also become popular because of this symbolism – popular choices among geometric and simple black designs. Additionally, daisies serve as an effective way of honoring loved ones who have passed away while also used as memorial tributes by tattooing geometric or simple black designs as memorial tributes to loved ones who have passed on. They also stand as emblems representing social goals such as peace or women’s rights initiatives!

Narcissus (commonly referred to as daffodils) is the birth flower for December. Renowned for blooming through winter and symbolizing renewal and rebirth, they make an excellent choice for a December flower tattoo design. Plus they’re said to bring good fortune into any home they enter so are often given as presents!

Waterlilies are another popular flower to get tattooed. These delicate aquatic plants, often associated with purity and innocence, often serve as symbols for young girls in literature. Waterlilies tattoos come in all styles- geometric, realism, watercolor, or even sketch – perfect for anyone wanting a subdued and elegant tattoo design!