Choosing a Family Dress Set of 3


Selecting outfits for family photographs can be a tricky feat; you don’t want to look too matchy-matchy while at the same time wanting everyone to look coordinated.

Start by dressing the adults, then choose accent colors – such as olive green or light blue – that complement them for children.

Mother & Daughter

Mother-daughter twinning outfits are a fantastic way to show your affection for and strengthen the bond with your daughter while simultaneously strengthening socialization, communication, and confidence skills. Fashion Dream’s collection of beautiful coordinated Indian outfits for mother and daughter pairs is ideal for weddings, festivals, and other important life events; you can select from styles like lehenga choli sets or kurta dresses, which will make both you and your daughter the center of attention while giving photo ops! These matching party wear attire will undoubtedly turn heads at events while making family photo ops for photo ops too!

Father & Son

When it comes to matching clothing for father and son duos, there are plenty of options available. From finding matching shirts that look fantastic on both parties to choosing coordinated swim trunks for beach or pool visits, you have everything covered when it comes to father-son ensembles!

Dad and his little man can look dapper together by purchasing matching and coordinated father-son suits and blazers to wear to weddings or other special events. Navy or black suits with complementary hues in their blazer, waistcoat, and tie pieces will create this stylish ensemble.

Dad can switch things up with our stylish yet ultra-soft Father-Son matching button-up shirt set made from Rayon fabric for an alternative casual look! Guaranteed to make an impressionful statement while making for fantastic family pictures!

Baby & Toddler

When it comes to matching toddler and baby outfits, your options are practically limitless. From floral patterns like this family did to stripes (as seen here) or mixing solid pieces and patterns for an eye-catching effect – anything goes! When dressing the youngest member of your family, try opting for themes and characters with universal appeal, such as popular movies or TV series with solid fan bases across age ranges.

Monica & Andy offers this green velour set that features dresses and bibs in sizes 0-3M to 18-24M for both girls and boys, along with machine-washable hooded baby rompers and bow headwraps to complete this outfit.

These adorable family holiday outfits are the ideal solution for picture day, Christmas cards, and other special events. So find outfits to match each of your family members and snap some adorable shots to capture some great memories!