Anime Stores Near me


Anime fans around the world have taken an extraordinary interest in anime, and New York City offers many stores catering specifically to fandom. These stores sell merchandise and host events that create a sense of community among fans; some may even provide rare limited-edition releases and autographed copies signed by voice actors and creators themselves! Obtain the Best information about manga anime.

Image Anime is an expansive anime store offering everything from Blu-rays and plushies to classic Japanese Kimonos.

Paradise Anime Inc.

If you’re in Houston Galleria and searching for quality anime merchandise, this store is an absolute must-visit! From T-shirts and hoodies to accessories and toys, their items make perfect presents for fans of all ages. Furthermore, customers can take advantage of great offers and discounts, making this store an essential stop.

Hell’s Paradise will add excitement and drama to this spring 2023 anime schedule! Produced by MAPPA and set to premiere April 1st, this brand new shonen series based on Yuji Kaku’s manga features horror, action, and intrigue, all in a gripping tale that has captured audiences worldwide.

Gabimaru, the protagonist of this show, hails from Iwagakure ninja village and is renowned for being among Japan’s deadliest assassins; yet his destiny may soon change as he embarks on a mission to recover an ancient elixir believed to grant immortality – though this comes with many obstacles in its way.

This store features an astounding assortment of anime products, from comic books and apparel to action figures and limited edition figurines. Prices are reasonable, and the staff is always on hand to assist shoppers; in addition, they purchase unwanted items, helping customers turn a profit. Open seven days a week, customers can come when they feel like shopping for anime merch.

Misfits Toys

Growing up, every December, I would watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with my family – but one part never made sense: the Island of Misfit Toys. This isolated kingdom ruled by some winged lion (something between Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia and an eagle from Lord of the Rings) housed hundreds of sentient, quasi-living toys who desperately want a home they can love.

After their creator realized they didn’t meet Santa’s quality standards, these misfits were exiled to an island until Rudolph and Hermey came along and saved them. Rudolph shared this news with Santa, who promised them homes next Christmas.

At first glance, Santa isn’t very good at keeping his promises. He ignores the quivering of an immobile bird who cannot fly and tosses it from his sleigh at 10,000 feet without an umbrella or takes seriously those misfits who say their greatest wish is simply love.

Misfits Toys offers vintage toys from the 1980s and 90s at their shop at 3511 Houston Avenue in Houston Heights; its first location opened its doors in June 2016. Since then, they have expanded into the Montrose neighborhood as well as the Memorial City location. You can purchase their toys both online and in-store.

Moshi Moshi Gifts

Moshi Moshi Gifts in Houston offers an exquisite collection of unique gifts. Anyone who appreciates cute merchandise should visit this charming shop that specializes in kawaii gifts and fancy stationery; its adorable plushies and anime figures are also popular items here, along with glitter pens and memo pads featuring sushi designs!

This store also sells an assortment of accessories, such as lanyards and wall scrolls. Their squishies collection is particularly beloved among customers; these soft toys make an excellent way to relieve stress while making great presents for friends and family alike! In addition to these soft, cuddly toys, there are anime-themed keychains and car air fresheners.

One of the store’s most beloved offerings is its collection of swag bags, perfect for gifting to friends and family members alike. Available in various sizes and colors featuring characters from popular anime shows, there are bags explicitly designed for both male and female fans of these shows.

Moshi Moshi offers stylish yet casual dining in its chic but casual environment. Offering an expansive menu of Japanese cuisine and complete bar services, this restaurant makes an excellent spot for low-key gatherings with friends or romantic dates alike. Foodies will love its menu of tantalizing Japanese fare while cocktails have earned high customer praise – not to mention gift options including branded T-shirts and gift certificates!


BoxLunch, located on Destiny USA’s second floor next to Lululemon Athletica, is a pop culture gift shop with a cause. This civic-minded online and brick-and-mortar specialty retailer features licensed merchandise. Every $10 spent across their catalog of apparel, accessories, home goods, gifts &, novelty, and collectibles contributes to one meal secured through Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.

No matter what your fandom gear needs – Marvel or Game of Thrones – this store is your one-stop shop for fandom gear. They even offer discounted merchandise through their clearance shop! Plus, you may discover some exclusive merchandise!

BoxLunch, an offshoot of Hot Topic, sells an extensive range of licensed merchandise at high list prices, along with exclusives that may not be found elsewhere. They frequently run promotions offering free shipping when orders reach $50+; plus, they accept most major credit cards and PayPal as payment methods.

BoxLunch makes shopping convenient, whether in-store or online, with its app-exclusive offers, enhanced search capabilities, restock and drop notifications, an intuitive wishlist feature, and Lunch Specials loyalty rewards. Plus, you can always locate BoxLunch stores near your location using the Find a Store feature!

Kinokuniya Katy

Kinokuniya, a Japanese book and stationery retailer that recently opened its 14th US store in Katy, Texas, this month, according to Community Impact, stands out by finding new ways to differentiate itself in an increasingly tricky bookstore industry. Their 14th US location features both English and Japanese books while becoming best known for its extensive anime and manga selection, as well as hosting horror storytelling sessions and anime meet-ups at their cafe/maker space.

Katy Grand shopping center will become home to its fourth store, joining locations in Plano and Carrollton. According to its website, this chain plans on opening more locations throughout Texas and is currently hiring.

Kinokuniya Bookstore is open daily from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM and hosts various events throughout the year, such as its signature Manga Festival. Gift options such as stationary and pens, as well as its extensive collection of stuffed toys and Gunpla kits, make Kinokuniya one of Japan’s leading bookstores with over 80 stores worldwide, opening its first overseas location in Singapore’s Liang Court back in 1983.


Book-Off is a chain of second-hand stores specializing in books, music, movies, and video games. As one of the most renowned second-hand shops in Akihabara, they boast an expansive selection of Japanese and Western media. You may also find some older used manga at Book-Off, depending on when you visit.

This massive chain has its own Wikipedia page. They sell merchandise both through physical stores, the internet, and mail-order; their merchandise can also be found at meager prices compared to new shops. Their store layout makes finding what you’re searching for easy; books are organized according to genre, then publication house, allowing customers to locate what they need easily. In Japan, there are countless similar chains, each specializing in specific types of goods.

Book-Off offers an excellent option for shoppers looking to save money without taking up too much of their time or budget shopping elsewhere. Their store features an expansive selection of books, CDs, and DVDs at great prices; the English book selection is limited, while the Japanese section boasts thousands of used volumes; you can even buy multiple CDs for $1! Moreover, Book-Off also has a buyback program for Bunkobon books; every time three Bunkobon books are brought back into the store, you’ll receive an incentive prize, such as this limited edition Book-Off Letterman jacket!

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