Zero to one hundred explosion games “Android” explosion game application

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Should we play the explosion game if we do not have a powerful note?

Blast game requires good internet; If you do not have good internet, it is recommended to use the automatic withdrawal options in this game. However, I encounter slowness during the game, and sometimes this slowness makes it impossible for me to withdraw the option of withdrawing money at a good time, and I lose the round; what is the solution?

When you are facing slow internet speed, your hardware is not acceptable, or the traffic of site users is high; You may experience slow motion in an explosion game; The best solution in these cases is to use an automatic coefficient.

How do I know how much money I should spend in each round?

It depends on your style of play and how you look at the explosion game; As usual, they divide the money into several parts and evaluate that if, for example, I win one round out of 5 rounds, the “coefficient reaches 1.8”, my total loss will be compensated; Be careful not to consider these 5 rounds of all your inventory, because the whole 5 rounds of the site may give a low coefficient and you will be zero, which is not the right thing to do.  بازی انفجار چیست و پادکست و فیلم آموزش کوتاه بازی انفجار

Is it possible to get the explosion game coefficient?

Messaging many friends and asking for an explosion game robot, I have to say with certainty that there is no robot, program, site, or person in the world that can produce an intelligent robot for this game and increase the game coefficient before 7 seconds. The site allows you to insert explosion game betting, so you do not waste your thoughts and time and not be deceived by profiteers.

I saw many people and many telegram channels that empty people’s pockets with scams and make fake robots; Some of them claim that these robots have separate servers and deceive uninformed people with these methods; Please send this article to those who do not know.

Start the game Nitro Blast online.

You must first choose a good site to start an explosion game condition. There are several factors for choosing a nitro explosion site, and if you ignore any of them, you will not win the game or lose money and be scammed.

You should not choose an explosion game to earn money; you should look at it as a hobby and not look for guaranteed win methods and explosion game robots online because they are all scams and cause loss. Money goes to you; on the other hand, if you play for fun, most of the time, you win your game.

Conditional explosion game tutorial

explosion game is a modern online betting based on mathematical calculations and algorithms. In this game, you first enter the site for the game or install the program on your mobile phone. Then register and log in and click on the start button. In the first step, you set an amount as the default, “as much as you want,” and after clicking on the star chart, your chart will start moving and rising.

The more the chart progresses, the more you add to your set amount. You have to withdraw your amount before the chart stops because if the chart stops, you will lose, and your bet will burn. You can also play this game as a group.

How to win the explosion game?

Before we answer you, we need to tell you the fixed rules of casinos. Do not set an amount that you will incur irreparable damage. You will be eager to play again with a profit. And make more money, and that’s what the casino wants from you. You have to have your strategy for the first win. For example, start with 50 thousand tomans.

When you make a profit, be satisfied and do not continue. If your profit is high, bet a second time on your earned profit. Not the base amount, in which case, if you lose, you will not regret it; we promise you that if you play in a row and awaken your greed, you will lose, so remember to move slowly and with a long-term plan.

Tips that should not be forgotten in the blasted game

Do not be fooled by those who give you the trick of this game for a fee. Because first of all, these games have a lot of protected codes, and the designer has thought of them everywhere.

And secondly, if someone knows the trick of making money or hacking and cheating this game, he will earn money from what he has learned. And it does not sell this lucrative way to anyone for, for example, 10 thousand tomans. Of course, these people have many ways to gain trust and sell their tricks. But remember that: “Someone who has a treasure map finds the treasure himself and does not sell the map to anyone.”

Win method in explosion game

Almost all of us in the explosion game played different game modes, and we both won and lost; explosion game is an entirely random game in casino games; But friends who have played these games for a long time; say there are ways to play blasting that increase or decrease the chances of winning and losing, And almost everyone claims that this game is random; Today, we prepared the conversations of these friends in the form of a video.

In this video, several golden points increase the probability of winning; But there is no guarantee of a 100% victory; As I told you, the codes of this game have not been and will not be decoded by the most professional programmer in the world. “It is impossible to determine the game coefficient and even the limits of the game coefficient before the start of the round and during the round.”

In this video, some golden tips for winning in the explosion game are mentioned, which will help you during the game. Make sure that you and your decision-maker use these tips completely. This video is only for guidance and sharing the experience of friends.


In the end, we review the basic information once again from the beginning to the end of the game: the trick of winning the explosion game.

1. Click on “start.”

2. In the main menu of the explosion game site and the “Amount” bet setting section, specify the amount of your bet.

3. In the “withdrawal coefficient” or “auto cash” section, determine the amount of your output.

4. Now, after determining the bet amount and the amount of output, click on the option to place a bet or “place bet” to move your bet chart.

5. The chart that shows your bet coefficient and the amount of your output starts to rise, and the central part of this game is here:

Before the chart stands on the set coefficient, you must select the withdrawal option or “cash out.” Because the chart stops and you do not withdraw, all your bet money will burn, and you will lose.

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