YouTube SEO: 10 tips to rank your video

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There has been a rapid rise in video promotion and brands nowadays are looking for an active and smart approach towards video content. Since the pandemic, people have also become quite addicted to video streaming platforms including Netflix and YouTube. We use the converter tool for youtube to mp3.

This has eventually resulted in higher demand for video content and we can see a skyrocketing rise in the content creators. YouTube has gained immense popularity in the past few years and content creators are looking for the opportunity to make the most of this platform.

Apart from the branding and business awareness on YouTube, this video-streaming forum is also being used to make money by individuals differently. There are tons of ways in which this video-sharing platform is becoming a way to earn for people.

Gaining the number of subscribers set by YouTube on your channel, this video clip sharing, and streaming forum would be bound to pay you the amount for your content. This pricing is dependent upon the number of views, duration of the video, number of subscribers, and the region from which you are working as a YouTuber.


Ranking the videos on YouTube is not an easy task and this requires effort and hard work. One has to learn the entire process of ranking the videos on YouTube and then would have to work upon the optimization of videos. This process of optimizing the videos is known as YouTube SEO. One can learn more about YouTube SEO and Digital Marketing as a whole by joining an online Digital Marketing course.

This needs to be noted that SEO is the current boss leading digital businesses to heights. Search Engine Optimization often abbreviated as SEO is the process of optimizing the data and content as per the recent core updates of search engines.

Implementing the strategic practices that could increase the appearance, visualization, and position of your content is known as SEO. YouTube SEO is none other than the process of positioning and improving the videos that you are publishing on your channel.

The experts from the online service of write my assignment for me shared while maintaining the YouTube SEO, you have to optimize your channel, page, playlist, metadata, description, and videos. This would enhance the visibility of your videos among the large group of targeted audiences.


YouTube SEO working practices may differ from web SEO. YouTube has its own search engine and it looks at different videos from several aspects including title, description, transcript, and tags. All these attributes must be optimized for every single video that you are publishing to get allowed for visibility for relevant keywords.

We have rounded up the 10 best tips for you that would help you to rank your videos for the YouTube search engine. Have a look.

Conduct a deep keywords research:

Keywords play a vital role in the optimization of YouTube videos for search engines. With the help of keywords, searchers can find out answers to their queries. If you have created any video and you are ready to publish it, then first look for its thumbnail. Add the smart tags and keywords in the description, thumbnail, and metadata of your video.

Highlight keywords with good reach potential:            

Once you have started the keyword research, this is the time to highlight the keywords that are having a good reach potential. This means that you would have to choose the long-tail keywords because indirectly such words would be less competitive. In this way, you would be able to gain a good position for your video. However, the promotion and marketing strategies of such videos must be done effectively.

The title of the video must be great:

The title of the video should always be great and engaging. Neglecting it behind would hide all the hard work that you would have done for your video. Conduct a deep analysis over YouTube and check the exemplary videos relatable to your topic. Bring maximum ideas to the table with which you could create an outstanding title for the video.

Add tags in the video:

Tags have a special place in YouTube SEO. They are essential because, with the help of these tags, searchers can find their choice of video. Adding researched tags in your videos would help you to get featured in the YouTube ranking list on top results. In this way, this becomes easier for YouTube to identify the subject of your video and index it out correctly.

Create phenomenal and smart descriptions:

The description section is another most important section that must be created carefully while uploading the video. In this text, you would have to explain the details about the video and should provide the information of your title. Write the description in the most descriptive way that could have been possible with the topics using relevant keywords.

Edit the file name:

Coming to the most crucial part of YouTube SEO; the name of the file. Do not upload videos full of codes and numbers like VID_76480228.mp4, as this is incomprehensible for YouTube. Use a descriptive name, for instance, how-youtube-SEO-works.mp4. This would help in identifying the name of the file.

Transcriptions and captions for videos is a must:

Keep this in mind, the algorithm of YouTube is not able to read the images and videos. So to make the streaming platform understand your video, add the transcriptions and captions. In this way, the international audience would also become able to understand your video without taking the help of a translator and transcription tool.

Make longer videos:

Watch time and viewing hours are identified heavily by YouTube. Remember this, videos that are less than 2 minutes rarely get any position. The average time for the video to get itself positioned on the top is 5 to 11 minutes. So start investing in longer videos that are at least 10 minutes long and completely descriptive for the audience.

Promote the channel and videos:

Other tips to take your channel to the top include the promotional strategies for the channel and videos. For this purpose, you would have to take the help of your friends and family members that they must help your channel to rise. Take the help of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to share your YouTube channel with the general public.

Encourage engagement on your content:

Last but not the least, encourage the engagement of the audience on your content. Ask your viewers to share, comment, like, and subscribe to your channel after watching a video. Give your new watchers a quick review about yourself and your channel. Your call-to-action kind of phrases at the end of each video would help you to gain new subscribers.


SEO YouTube is a gradual and steady process that asks for massive efforts. You would have to learn the SEO of this video streaming platform beforehand to give a kickstart to your YouTube channel. Keep learning the new tactics of growing SEO and start implementing them quickly on your next video.


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