Your 100cc Bike Guide: Best Models, Features and Price


Bikes with an engine displacement of 100cc are the most preferred among the two-wheeler segment in India. This is because they are best used for everyday commutes to college or the office.

The 100cc bikes remain in high demand because the average Indian looks for fuel efficiency, durability, and affordability over torque and power when purchasing a vehicle for regular use.

You may find it hard to believe that at one point during the early 2000s, the 100cc bikes were feared to go out of fashion and even on the verge of endangerment. But the fuel efficiency and reliability of 100cc bikes played an important role in keeping them relevant and desirable among young. In addition, the constant innovation in the market, design, and technology has also been critical to their ever-growing popularity.

It may now not come as a surprise that the 100cc bike segment generates the most sales. This is because they require little to no attention, are mileage champs, and are value for money, while also being sturdy and rugged at the same time.

We are sure enough that these standard features of 100cc bikes must have drawn you towards the segment. But if you need more specific information on these bike types, read on.

Here are some best 100cc bike models to invest in:

Bajaj Platina 110

The bike is available in two variants: disc and drum.

For those who do not do basic, the bike is available in striking colors like red and blue. It comes with an SnS suspension and offers effortless comfort. Its 115cc DTS-I engine gives unmatched mileage and an excellent pick-up.

The two-wheeler in the 100cc bike section is one the best for long and short rides.

More Features of Platina 110:

  • Stylish handguards that protect hands under extreme weather.
  • A tank with an edgy look.
  • A long and wide seat that is cushioned for more comfort.
  • Wider footpad for comfort and grip.
  • Better torque and wider speed range.
  • LED DRL makes the bike look stylish and visible even in low visibility.
  • A premium appearance with taillight and mirror.
  • A digital speedometer with a display of information like fuel and trip meter.

Ex-showroom Price New Delhi: ₹69,216

Bajaj Platina 100

100cc bikes

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This 100cc bike is available in classic color combos like black and red, black, and silver, black, and gold, and black and blue. The two-wheeler offers the most comfort with the help of advanced comfort technology. Moreover, it has an electric-start mechanism that makes promises an easy start even on your bad days.

Its great fuel efficiency is owing to its powerful DTS-I engine.

Additional Features of Platina 100: 

  • The long and soft seat makes long rides comfortable for the rider and passenger.
  • It has better shock absorption made possible by effective long front and rear suspensions.
  • A wider footpad gives better grip and sitting comfort to the pillion.
  • Excellent fuel efficiency and mileage.
  • Stylish LED DRL, visible even in low light.
  • A modern-looking rear-view mirror gives a premium look to the bike.

Ex-showroom Price New Delhi: ₹64,653

Bajaj CT110X

100cc bikes

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The color options in the bike include striking ones like matte wild green, ebony black-red, and

ebony black, and blue. It has a powerful 115cc DTSS-I engine. It is made for tough terrain, which is supported by its muscular design and looks.

Additional Features of Bajaj CT 110X:

  • Excellent pick-up with no compromise on mileage.
  • A circular belly pan that protects the engine on tough terrain.
  • Strong crash guards that give extra safety.
  • The bike has semi-knobby tires for a strong grip when traveling on tough roads.
  • The front suspension has tough bellows.
  • The rubber tank pads for more comfort and style.
  • A double-stitched and thick-padded seat for excellent comfort for ride and pillion.
  • The bike’s strong carrier can hold bigger and heavier items.
  • The third footrest allows better foot placement. These provide easy change of postures when on long rides.

Ex-showroom Price New Delhi: ₹67,322

Basic Differences between Platina 110, Platina 100 and CT110X

Bike Max Power Max Torque Engine
Platina 110 6.33 kW @ 7000 rpm 9.81 Nm @ 5000 rpm 115.45 cc
Platina 100 5.8 kW (7.9 PS) @ 7500 rpm 8.3 Nm @ 5500 rpm 102 cc
CT 110X 8.6 PS @ 7000 rpm 9.81 Nm @ 5000 rpm 115.45 cc

In Conclusion: 

With countless brands flooding the 100cc bike market, it is especially important to select a reputed and reliable brand such as Bajaj. The bikes built by the brand are long-lasting, maintenance-friendly, durable, and safe to ride.

Moreover, the 100cc bikes by Bajaj are known for best-in-class mileage while being cost-effective. So, if you are somebody who is searching for a bike in the segment, stay assured that the bikes in the list, as mentioned earlier, are loaded with features like self-start, great pick-up, stylist LED DRL, wider footpad, and many others.

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Also, when going ahead with the purchase of a 100cc bike, remember to assess your usage. This means evaluating why you need it. It is because a lot depends on suitability on a daily basis. While a 100cc bike is excellent for daily chores, it’s also excellent for shorter travel.

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