WordPress Blog Themes – How you can Select a Great Theme For the Blog


Choosing Your Concept:

This is not as straightforward and easy a task as many associated with you may think. WordPress for example has a near-endless listing of possible themes to choose from, and an even greater list of possible jacks to use with these free topics. But how do we choose? Precisely what factors should we look at when making our choices? All things considered, we all have different tastes in relation to the aesthetics of an internet site. So what criteria should many of us use when making our alternatives?

Ok, the way I usually make this happen, is to look at 3 principal factors:

The Aesthetics.
The Cost.

Now there are probably several of you reading this that are nervous-looking your heads wildly throughout disagreement but hang on a flash, let me explain my thinking. I say aesthetics 1st for the simple reason that household count far more than a lot of us realize. Example of Aesthetics:
Maybe the website or blog is color coordinated, do the colors mix and fit, or are these people leaping off the page and trying to pluck your eyes from their sockets?
Is the comparison good, making the text very easily readable? Also, the size of the written text can make a huge difference to the benefit of a website.
What about the general design of the page? Is it nice & well thought out, giving a feeling of professionalism, or will it look more like a kiddie’s crayon book?

Generally speaking, will the color scheme suit & match up the blog or website’s topic theme, e. g. you will not expect to see a website dealing with funeral services, getting the sort of color scheme that makes you are feeling happy, warm & happy? Obviously, the two just do unfit, it is akin to trying to travel a square peg in a round hole, it will eventually get, but it will make a terrible blunder!

Many graphics designers are going to be aware of the fact that certain colorings can actually dictate mood; lilac or light purple can be a relaxing color, yellow as well as orange give a warm experience, while blue is often seen as a masculine color & frosty, pinks are obviously considered soft & feminine, greys are usually seen as solemn as well as gloomy. Having said that, the colorings used & blended using those mentioned above, can absolutely change the initial colors’ all-natural mood & feel.

Typically the upshot of all this is the idea that colors can have a depth of the mind effect on us; we can always be drawn to, or repelled via, depending on the colors used. That is why most national newspapers can tend to use neutral colorings for their headers & when you doubt this just have a look at your own local papers. In reality look at Microsoft’s own range of colors in their design of House windows, light blue headers & activity bars, with a white record = neutral.

Big organizations have researched this carefully & whilst it is genuine that by using very fairly neutral color schemes, you are less likely to WOW your readers, in addition, you are also very unlikely to choose them away. I’m sure you will get the idea, gaudy just can not work & this is why first impressions can be extremely important, give a sense of professionalism & you will not only keep the current readers but also appeal to many more. So wherever possible you should try to avoid strong primary shades as backgrounds. Always use beaten up very pale colors to your backgrounds & keep solid colors for any headings with your page or sidebars, knowing how of course that contrast is definitely of prime importance.

Motif Functionality:

Now I accept this until you get a theme fitted and running, then it has the functionality is going to be a little challenging to judge, however, there are a few anyone should consider before making your unmistakable choice.

Try and look for a tv screenshot of the theme basically up & running, this tends to not only show you what the motif is going to look like but might also give you ideas on configuration & design.
Think about the way your website or blog shall be laid out. Is it going to complement ease or cause important headaches? Avoid the latter whenever we can. How about the width with the theme? The most common screen solution at the moment is 1024 a 768px, therefore if the style you are looking at only offers a size of 800px, this will make you with a 112px 3. 95cm) blank space down both sides of your content.

A glance at the header area, check out if that allows an advert on the box on the right, does it offer a banner revolving around your own images etc. Can it use Flash or Coffee in the header area? Anything you really should avoid due to the fact that engines like google cannot read it and also as far as they are concerned, that can compare with there!

Look at the sidebars, not merely their location on the webpage, but also the width of each and every one. There are many widgets and also adverts out there, that can array in width from 120px to about 300px or more, therefore if you end up picking a theme that has for example a couple of sidebars each of 180px, your favorite widget happens to be 200px wide, then you have complications! Oh and believe my family, unless you’re a wiz kid with code along with styling, then you really do not need to start hacking your sidebar code, as it can be a pain for the novice.

Finally go crazy along to the themes web page or home page, most will have their own forum as well as at the very least their own comment cardboard boxes full of questions & responses. This is the ideal place to grab a little knowledge on your picked theme, find out what others are expressing, are there security issues or some kind of other glaring problems can ultimately give you sleepless nights.

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