Wondering If You Should Go for a Retainer for Teeth? Here’s Why

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Do you often think about straightening your teeth, but the fear of the pain and uncomfort caused by traditional metal and ceramic braces often makes you drop the idea? Do the metal braces make you conscious in front of your friends, colleagues, or your crush whom you are trying to impress? Well, you’re not alone! What if we were to tell you that we got a perfect, seamless, comfortable, and aesthetic solution to transform your smile? You wouldn’t believe us. But it’s true! They are invisible retainers for teeth. Simply speaking, invisible or clear retainers for teeth are the perfect orthodontic treatment to align your teeth and get the dream smile that you’ve been looking for!

Earlier, the traditional metal braces were the first thing that popped up in our heads whenever we thought of getting our orthodontic issues fixed. However, now with the advancement of technology, orthodontists have come up with an alternative – clear and removable retainers for teeth, making our dream smile achievable without any hassle.

Are you still wondering if you should go for invisible retainers for teeth to fix your orthodontic issues? Here’s why!

How do clear retainers for teeth give you your dream smile?

Transparent retainers for teeth are the most ideal choice for fixing orthodontic issues, such as overbite, underbite, overcrowded teeth, etc. They fix your orthodontic issues by gently pushing your teeth to the required position, thus aligning your teeth. They are a custom-made set of smooth, transparent plastic set of trays that are prepared with the help of a 3D digital scan of the individual’s jaw.

How long do clear retainers for teeth take to give you the dream smile?

The time is taken for teeth to align by clear retainers usually depends on the severity of your orthodontic issues. In most cases, it takes about twelve to eighteen months to fix your orthodontic issues using traditional metal braces. Clear retainers for teeth take lesser time to give you your dream smile compared to traditional metal braces.

You need to wear your removable and clear retainers for teeth for at least 20-22 hours every day for effective and fast results.

Why are retainers for teeth one of the most preferred ways to fix your orthodontic issues?

1. Your orthodontic treatment will be a secret

Don’t we all love keeping secrets? With clear retainers for teeth, you can keep your orthodontic treatment a secret. How? They are transparent and are hardly visible to the naked eye. So no more getting conscious while you are out on a date or cracking that interview!

2. Won’t come in between you and your favorite food

No one likes it when something comes between them and their favourite food, right? So, why sacrifice when it comes to getting your dream smile? With clear retainers for teeth, you can enjoy binge-eating your favourite food without any restrictions. That is because they are completely removable. So, you can remove them, eat that delicious food, and put them back on afterward!

3. No more visiting your orthodontists frequently

Transparent retainers for teeth do not require you to visit your orthodontist all that often. So, you can chill while clear retainers for teeth fix your orthodontic issues without any pain!

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