Wonderful Types of Sarees to Know About

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Diverse outfits are there, but when you look into sarees, they have their own world. Saree is simply a six-meter fabric that actually makes every female look beautiful. Saree is a conventional type of Indian attire that has actually altered little over decades and it is available in millions of patterns, designs and even can be discovered in the wardrobe of every Indian woman.

Whether you want to buy online saree or offline, you would find a rich variety for sure. There are endless options in the types of sarees once you start exploring. And this post is definitely going to give you a good experience of knowing the most popular types of sarees you should have and wear. After all, your wardrobe deserves to be exciting, charming, and inspiring.

Georgette sarees

Talking about the georgette sarees, these sarees are formed up of fabric georgette. Talking about this type of fabric is the lightweight, dull finished fabric that is formed up of twisted yarns. This fabric was named or you can put it like, it got its name from a French named georgette de la planet.

It might interest you that this fabric of georgette came into existence because of the need for a more powerful as well as durable material than any other type such as chiffon. Like chiffon, the material, as well as stuff of georgette, are completely transparent and opaque however it is somewhat duller, even heavier, and even that much more durable and robust than that of chiffon. If you want that your figure should be explicit then you must choose georgette sarees. Don’t worry about the designs, patterns, textures, and colors as they are in abundance.

Bengal handloom saree

If you talk about the region of West Bengal, it is popular for its impressive range of handloom cotton sarees.  Ah, once you start exploring the options in the sarees they have for you, you would find abundance. Graceful, classy, airy, and comfortable wear sarees are always the choice of women. Get their Bengali handloom sarees if you want such a saree for you. These are the sarees that are popular for their fascinating borders, handwoven boots with fancy sort of themes/motifs, and beautiful embroidery.

Chanderi sarees

Chanderi sarees are well-known for transparency as well as sheer texture and they are characterized by their light as well as shiny texture. The offerings of this saree include motifs like that of churi, gold coins, Keri, Bundi, philepittid, as well as many others.  Moreover, these are the hand-woven motifs that are on additional shots that differentiate the Chanderi from that of his original silks.  If you don’t know these sarees do come from a city called Chanderi in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India.  The colours and the purity of these sarees are really mesmeric and you can love them once you give them a try.

Silk sarees

Silk sarees are the cosiest as well as stunning looking, grand-looking ones and you can wear them absolutely anytime. Actually, silk is a rich type of fibre thread material that is extracted from insects and mulberry. With the silk type of thread, the saree is weaved via handlooms or even power looms. And if you have never tried out silk, you surely are missing out a big time. You can find different types of silk options in this type of sarees.

Moreover, the silk saree includes a shiny look along with a soft feel that makes the attention-grabber appearance. Once silk saree is worn in a correct manner, it appears really beautiful and has an extensive look that suits every sort of event or occasion like parties, weddings, events, formal gatherings, and even engagements. No matter you are slim, fat, tall, or short, you can be sure that you get a lovely experience wearing silk.

Kalamkari saree

Now, talking about kalamkari, it is a type of hand-painted or block-printed sort of cotton type of textile. It is a lot more than simply a fabric that gets used for clothing or home. It is a lot more than textiles to an experience that culture has witnessed over centuries. In case you buy a silk saree having kalamkari type of art, it is going to showcase the rich sense of art as well as dignity in the deep-seated type of culture.

Well, in case you have a flair for wearing or trying different types of sarees, then you should not miss out on the kalamkari of printed sarees. These are quite refined and stylish that you are not really going to be disappointed. You can be definite that you wear the sarees that actually make you appear confident and classy. You can come across amazing print designs on these sarees that you might not be disappointed with for sure.  After all, hand-painted sarees are absolutely always bliss for every woman, and you must not miss out on them. It does not actually matter what kind of design suits you or pampers you; you easily can get the different kinds of sarees in designs that are full of life as well as energy. You would find the designs in the realm of these sarees really elevating.

Paithani sarees

You can consider this type of saree as one of the premium and finest handwoven types of silk sarees in the country. You know that this paithani saree has been named after the Paithan town that is in the region of Aurangabad, in the state of Maharashtra. The gorgeous and charming paithani saree is well-known for its overall slanting square border design and even that of a pallu inspired by nature such as parrots, trees, and peacocks. You can find these sarees really charming, exciting and wonderful for sure.


So, these were only a few of the different types of sarees that you can find if you start exploring the options. You can go through the impressive variety of sarees at Snapdeal. These sarees would definitely make you feel really contented.


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