Why Hire an Attorney After Suffering Traumatic Brain Injuries In an Accident

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Personal injuries are unexpected occurrences that can happen to anyone. These may result from car accidents, slips, falls, medical malpractice, etc. Brain injuries are common and can have adverse effects on your overall health and well-being. 

If you suffer such injuries, you may spend millions on treatment expenses which can be financially draining. However, experienced lawyers from the Butler Law Firm can help you file a compensation claim if the injuries occurred due to negligence by a third party.

What are the types of brain injuries?

Common brain injuries include concussions, hematomas, hemorrhages, and penetrating brain injuries. 

  • Concussions affect your brain function and are generally temporary. They may cause headaches and issues with concentration, memory, and balance. 
  • Hematomas are nasty bruises that cause blood clots under the skin. The pooling of blood results in spongy and lumpy skin. 
  • Hemorrhages are uncontrolled bleeding within the brain on the brain’s surface. There are different types of hemorrhages, and all exhibit other signs and severity. 
  • Penetrating brain injuries happen when you’re pierced by an object piercing your brain or skull. Acute brain injuries exhibit in the form of seizures, and you should pull out the thing without the help of a doctor.

Do I need attorney services after suffering brain injuries?

An attorney plays a notable role in personal injury cases. However, you should engage one with experience handling your type of case. The services offered by a personal injury attorney will include;

1. Legal guidance

The professional will offer multiple services and guide you in the entire process. They will educate you on your rights. The attorney will also inform you of the best steps to get the rightful compensation. 

2. Evidence gathering

An attorney will gather adequate evidence regarding your injuries to determine if you qualify to file a compensation claim. As we all know, evidence is vital in any case, and the lawyer will use it to build a solid chance to fight for your rights.

3. Documentation 

Personal injury cases involve different types of paper documents, and they should be stored securely. You may have issues handling all the paperwork and sometimes misplace vital records. An attorney is a handy person when it comes to documentation. The professional will keep your documents securely and present them when necessary. This helps avoid delays in court and other key claim processes. 

4. Negotiations

 Brain injuries require specialized care, and you may incur hefty medical expenses. However, the insurance company may not be willing to compensate you for the damages, and an attorney will help. The professional has the skills to negotiate the most suitable settlement amount to cater to your injuries. This way, you’ll have enough money to cater to treatment costs and your family’s needs in case of loss of wages.


There are various brain injuries that you can suffer during auto crashes. These are mainly severe and will require immediate medical care. An attorney will also help negotiate the best settlement amount to shoulder your medical expenses. It’s also critical to engage a skilled attorney with the right experience to handle your case.

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