Why does A Good Logo Design?


I would opportunity to guess, and this is one designer’s point of view, out of the 55 000 or so logos I realize every year, on everything from foodstuffs to gas stations to trainers, there might be 5 000 attractive logos in the world.

Designing the logo is more than selecting a font that looks nice, drawing a pretty picture, sloshing them together, and selecting a color scheme you think appears pretty. There are a lot of variables you need to go through to decide on a good style, and then as a designer, you need to convince your client that this design you made may be the correct one.

To start, you need to think of the logo as the model of the company, every time someone believes in a product or service that you provide; you want them to think of a person. You also want the design of your brand to stick in their thoughts and stay there permanently. One almost has to think about branding your identity into a consumer’s mind, much like a cattle manufacturer, leaving a permanent draw that won’t go away.

Well, the 1st step of this process is the outdated adage K. I. S i9000. S (keep it straightforward stupid). Complicated logo patterns might look attractive when you find yourself looking at them, but what could the target audience go to come apart with? Odds are 5 minutes from the time they first found your logo; they will get forgotten entirely what it appears to be. When one looks at a primary logo, it tends to time in the brain longer, which will help them remember your company, which can hopefully bring them to you if they require your services, and that is the goal after all.

The other step is color along with shape psychology. There is an explanation that most restaurant logos are generally red; reddish colored subconsciously cause you to be hungry. Blue makes you feel at ease, black makes you look stylish, and so on. I chose orange for the logo because when somebody sees the color orange, this brings a subconscious sense of wanting to do something new; that is precisely the feeling I want when looking at my site and thinking of getting a web design developed by me.

Shapes are also a key point when designing a logo because shapes can mean just as a variety of things as colors may. A circle gives a sense of community, wholeness, and perfection and has feminine qualities. A Rectangular shape gives a feeling of logic along with security, while a Triangle gives you strength, structure, and masculine identity. These need to all be factored in when designing some sort of logo. For every color along with shape, there is a feeling or maybe thought associated with it; typically, the goal is to come up with the correct combination.

The third step is usually readability. You want them to, as always, consult your logo and business name; you cannot want them to take a little bit to figure out what it says. Acceptable clean, crisp fonts are the answer here; logos rarely are memorable if they have curvy fonts and contours going every method. Quick, think of 5 trademarks off of the top of your mind (not including your own); go of them have cursive composing or letters, not on a straight line? Most likely not.

Your fourth step, which is often ignored, is scalability. Will your logo look as good on a promotional item like a pencil as on a billboard? Most of the logos out there will not. I blame the widespread use of Photoshop to produce logos for this reason. Sure, somebody can use all sorts of neat filtration systems built into Photoshop to make a very design, but what happens when you need to put it on a billboard? The probability is it was not created adequate to print correctly with a large surface, and you will sometimes have to pay someone else to duplicate it or forget about which advertising opportunity.

Or, in addition to this, what happens when you want to get some publicized pens made and your emblem won’t transfer well since all the complicated drop dark areas and gradients just hemorrhage together on such a smaller surface that you can’t possibly read what your logo affirms? These things all have to be perceived before you even begin building a logo, and regretfully most of the time, it is the farthest issue from both the designer’s and client’s minds.

The number of steps above is usually a practical first step in the design process but is not everything. They will, however, ensure you get on the right track towards making your brand a memorable 1. Below, I will give a few examples of what I believe are the best logos currently being used today.

One designer’s listing of the top 5 logos being used today

1 . Nike — this logo has been ingrained in our minds, and they recently stopped using their title in the logo – almost all it is now is the swoosh.

2 . FedEx- many people don’t realize this particular but look between the Electronic and the x and see that it is moving forward. Subliminal advertising at its best. There have been some other unforgettable logos using this technique, for example, the now defunct Hartford Whalers, at first, you don’t view it, but look at the white area between the blue tail and green W, see the They would? I love this technique.

3. B – another company that does not have to use their title in their logo if they no longer want to; the golden arches are memorable and well-known on sight.

4. Apple – again, just an appearance, no need for a tagline.

5. Volkswagen – Classic, fresh and memorable, precisely what you must strive for.

Do you think it is just a coincidence those are five of the biggest companies on the globe? Their logo has outlined the company brand so clearly that it was one of the variables in their growth. Now, My spouse and I admit it is hard to influence a client paying good dollars for a logo design that planning simple and iconic is always a great deal better. Still, hopefully, you can imply to them the above examples of some of the most significant companies in the world and how some sort of memorable, not exotic, emblem is a strong foundation for you to build a good brand.

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