Who is a Successful Leader? – A Complete Insight


Leadership is a role entrusted to many, but only a few can truly practice it. A successful leader like Mike McGahan Ottawa puts the organization and employees as a priority. 

If you have recently been entitled to the role of leadership or are looking forward to polishing your skills as a leader, then go through the following qualities that make a leader successful:

● Lead by Example

A leader sets a primary example for their employees. Before delegating the tasks to employees, a leader needs to develop credibility by setting the tone. For example, if you want to put punctuality as a priority, then it is essential that you first practice it. 

Aligning your words with your actions is crucial for developing trust and dependability in your employees. For example, employees look up to their managers, and if a manager is not practising what they are saying, their employees will also follow the same suit.

● Keeps on Learning

Leaders constantly try to seek new opportunities and educate themselves on the latest happenings in the world. Learning improves leadership, polishes skills, and enhances performance. 

Self-education helps leaders bring new ideas and innovation to the workplace. This also instils a sense of education among the employees and motivates them to do the same.

● Practices Effective Communication

Good communication is one of the essential qualities of a true leader. Communication is not just limited to speaking and delegating. 

Instead, communication involves:

  • Listening to the employees’ concerns.
  • Providing constructive feedback.
  • Helping them in their tasks.
  • Inspiring them to do more.

In addition, practising effective communication instils integrity and honesty among the employees.

● Sets Goals and Achieves Them

People working without a goal in mind tend to divert from the actual work and start procrastinating on their tasks. Therefore, it is the leader’s responsibility to set strategic goals and exude effort in achieving them.

If leaders show determination, confidence, and enthusiasm in achieving their goals, their employees will also follow the same suit. Setting goals makes the employees realize the essence of their work.

● Practices Flexibility

A leader should embrace flexibility in times of complexity. Following the same patterns during complex situations does not benefit the organization. A leader must manage complexity by acting swiftly and providing new ideas and ways to overcome complex scenarios. 

Searching for disruptive organizational changes and providing solutions to address the shift effectively leads to success.

● Encourages Creativity

Taking calculated risks and encouraging creative ideas bring innovation and better opportunities within the organization. A leader like Mike McGahan Ottawa-based leader promotes open communication and motivates the employees to bring their innovative ideas to the table.


Successful leaders demonstrate authentic leadership by always putting their organization and the people ahead of their role. Leaders bring positive change within the organization and inspire and motivate their employees to see a more comprehensive and brighter picture.

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