Which Fashion Aesthetic Am I?


Which Fashion Aesthetic Am I?

Which fashion aesthetic are you? You can either be Dark academia or Y2K, or you can be both! You can even find yourself somewhere in the middle between the two! So how do you know if you belong to one of these fashion aesthetics? Read on to find out! Here are some examples of what you should wear based on your style:

Dark academia

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you are probably familiar with the “dark academic” fashion aesthetic. The dark aesthetic is all about layering. Think of Hogwarts castle in winter. Wear a sweater and neutral pants underneath a plaid trench coat. Then wear a coordinating scarf or headband over the top of it all. Of course, you can always accessorize with vintage pieces for a unique look.

The simplest way to create an outfit with a dark academic style is to incorporate patterns and textures. First, try a wide-wale corduroy to give off a vintage feel. You can also opt for a pinwale corduroy with narrow ridges for a more modern look. Then, add tartan skirts in various styles, including mini, midi, and maxi. Also, try a black-watch plaid, which combines deep blues and greens.

Art hoe

Many of the followers of the art hoe movement are recognizable through Instagram and Tumblr profiles. Their monochromatic vintage outfits and portraits in front of impressionist paintings are instantly recognizable, as are their love of queer culture and chic nonchalance. Many of them even mention the founder of @arthoecollective as a role model. However, these followers have other things in common. In this article, we will explore some of the key characteristics of this movement and its history.

The key characteristic of the art hoe aesthetic is its connection to nature, painting, and flowers. This aesthetic includes a love of various forms of visual art and nature. Colorful Polaroid photographs, paintings, and Copic markers are common elements of this style. The art hoe movement is also associated with athletic clothing, such as denim, sneakers, and jackets. However, a person can still wear a t-shirt or a jacket with an art hoe aesthetic even if they do not practice these sports.

Baddie aesthetic

The Baddie Aesthetic is a free-spirited, sexy fashion for a rebellious, successful person. It is not for the self-centered, sexist, or disrespectful. Instead, it is for women who love style, money, and beauty and want to stand out among the crowd. While some people associate this aesthetic with the Kardashian-Jenner clan, it is open to all types.

The basic wardrobe for this aesthetic includes cycling shorts. Biker shorts can be worn under a cropped top, paired with chunky sneakers and pulled-up socks. They can also be paired with boyfriend blazers or short leggings. Whatever style you choose, it is a staple of the baddie aesthetic. And while they’re fun to wear, they’re surprisingly comfortable! So if you’re thinking of a baddie look, there’s a way to incorporate them into your daily wardrobe.


The Y2K fashion aesthetic is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to its retro appeal. The concept of the New Millennium influenced fashion throughout the 2000s, but its enduring appeal reaches far beyond the millennial generation. Today’s Gen Z population has embraced the Y2K aesthetic as a new way to look stylish. These trends aren’t only influenced by the New Millennium, but they are also a reflection of the many cultural groups that were a part of the dot-com boom.

The Y2K fashion aesthetic is a mix of styles influenced by the 90s’ technological advancements. It is best characterized by retro elements with futuristic touches and glossy materials, chunky sneakers, pleated skirts, wide-leg jeans, and colorful sunglasses. For instance, many rock stars of the ’90s wore Y2K style to concerts so that you can find plenty of Y2K items at secondhand shops and vintage stores.

Indie fashion

If you want to add some unique style to your wardrobe, then the Indie fashion aesthetic is definitely for you. Indie girls often opt for comfortable and cozy outfits that feature a casual but interesting style. For example, a band t-shirt paired with a pair of wide-leg jeans and some white sneakers will make a cool outfit. Similarly, an oversized sweater with a floral skirt will make a fun and quirky outfit.

To get the right indie outfits, shop local and go beyond the big brands. Small, local designers will better grasp the indie aesthetic than brands. Some online retailers, such as Dhgate, feature indie outfits. Another option is to design your outfit. With the internet, this is easier than ever before. The possibilities are endless, whether you’re into retro looks, boho-chic styles, or something completely different.

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