What You Need To Know About The Causes Of Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a common problem nowadays. Not only in women, but men face this problem and are worried because it affects a person’s personality. Most of us do not know that this is not a simple activity of the body but a type of disease. This is called Alopecia.

Alopecia is a disease that not only affects the hair of the head but may also affect the hair in other parts of the body. We have hair in our all body, and people do not notice much, but the hair of different body parts are also lost in some situations. There are some types of hair loss, and all of them are not treated in the same way. The scalps have a role in hair loss, and treatments also include scalp care. Some people get benefits from home remedies, but in some cases, home remedies are not enough. Today, we’ll discuss some important topics related to hair loss so that you may get the proper treatment.

What is the symptom of hair loss?

There are different symptoms of different types of hair loss, and it is essential to have a clear idea about the sign so that you can go for the best treatment.

Thining of hair at the front of the head:

We often see many men that have a thin hair layer at the top position of their head. It is a common type of hair loss that is visible with time.

The same thing is also present in some women, but it seems different in them. Women have the broadening space at the top of their heads. In this way, the overall hair density decrease.

Losing the head haring rapidly:

This is a sudden symptom of hair loss where the person faces the hair loss quickly. Most commonly, sudden shocks are the main reason for such type of hair loss. One may have a sudden loss of hair when combing, washing the hair, or stuck in any object.

Hair loss of the body:

In treating chronic diseases, such as cancer, where heavy doses of chemotherapy are injected into the body, hair is lost, and the body becomes bald with time.

Hair loss in the form of patches:

This is a strange but visible symptom of hair loss. One loss the hair in the form of patches. The head may feel the swelling at some parts, or redness is also seen in some cases.

Causes of the hair loss

After that, let’s discuss some causes so that healthy people can be saved from such a problem. Once the patients know about the causes, they can find the perfect treatment.

Family History:

Family history is a significant medication cause of hair loss. Some people have this disease in their inheritance. Scientifically, it is called androgenic alopecia.


Some types of medication:

Some hair losses are related to hormonal changes, medication, and in return, the hormonal change occurs due to some type of medicine. It is observed that some people have hair loss due to the drug they are taking to treat other diseases.


Stress is a big reason behind the loss of hair. In most cases, the hair loss person faces some emotional stress, resulting in rapid hair loss.

Lack of nutrition:

The lack of nutrition is a big reason. The body does not produce enough energy to feed the hair, and it becomes weak. After some time, the hair starts falling.


During pregnancy, most women face this problem. The woman feels the lack of nutrition and hormonal changes that lead to the hair fall in such conditions.

Treatment of hair loss


There are different ways to treat this disease. The hair loss may be controlled under some surgical and medication processes.


Some medicines can fulfil the need for nutrition or control the hormones in the body so that hair loss may be prevented.

Surgical Methods:

The surgical methods are proved successful in stopping hair loss and planting new hair in the affected area. In this regard, two types of surgeries are working well nowadays. One of them is laser surgery. In this treatment, the surgeons work for improving hair density.

Another way to control hair loss through surgery is a hair transplant. It is a famous and proper way to implant the hair at the head so that you may get natural-looking and nice hair at your head.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Hair loss.

Is hair loss a symptom of other diseases?

In some cases, the hair fall is the symptom of another disease.  The deficiency of nutrition can be indicated through hair fall. In addition, thyroid disease and some types of anaemiaare also detected by hair loss.

What is the normal condition of hair fall?

All hair falls are not a disease. Most commonly, we lose the hair in normal conditions as well. One may not count the hair falling from its body, but an average person loses approximately 100 to 150 hair each day.

Does hair growth also have some stages as the hair fall?

Yes, hair growth has some stages. The duration of these stages is different. So, the hair does not grow t the same rate as they are break.

Is there any hope for the baldness that comes with the genes?

It is a severe type of baldness, and in most cases, it is difficult to treat this. But, with the advancement in technology, this problem can be solved in a relatively better way.

Bottom Line:

Hair fall is a common factor of age that most of us ignore. But in most cases, one can treat the disease quickly with some special care. You can also use some home remedies in this regard. For better knowledge, you can search for the Marham. They have experts in medical fields, and many dermatologists experts are working online to better treatment. You should check the expert of hair fall DrNaseema Kapadia.

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