What Have been Shar-Pei Bred For? Historical past of the Shar-Pei

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What Have been Shar-Pei Bred For? Historical past of the Shar-Pei

Among the oldest canine breeds have mysterious origins, and the Shar-Pei isn’t any exception. They’re an historical Chinese language breed that’s recognized for his or her distinctive look. Once you couple their wrinkled faces with their loyal and calm demeanors, you’ve bought your self an distinctive household pet!

Right here, we attempt to demystify the Shar-Pei by trying into the historical past of this breed and what they had been initially bred for. Learn on if you wish to be taught extra about these wonderful canines!


What Precisely Are Shar-Pei?

For those who’ve ever seen a canine that appears like their coat is 2 sizes too huge for his or her physique, you’ve most likely simply seen a Shar-Pei. These canines are medium sized and have many distinctive bodily qualities that make them exceptional-looking canines.

Just like the Chow Chow, the Shar-Pei has a blue-black tongue and small eyes amongst their copious wrinkles that are inclined to make them look irritated or gloomy. They’ve small triangular ears and a broad muzzle that’s typically famous for being just like that of a hippopotamus.

They’ve a brief coat that has a sandpapery high quality (Shar-Pei interprets to “sand pores and skin”) and an infinite variety of pores and skin folds that cowl their our bodies however are significantly distinguished on their face. They’re generally black, fawn, crimson, cream, and chocolate (amongst different colours).

Shar-Pei make wonderful companions and guard canines. They’re intensely loyal to their households and are snug with folks they know, however they are typically cautious and aloof of different canines and strangers.

Whereas they’re clever, devoted, and calm canines, they gained’t hesitate to leap to the protection of their companions with tenacity.

What Have been Shar-Pei Bred For?

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Picture Credit score: Christel SAGNIEZ, Pixabay

The Shar-Pei is historical! The Chinese Shar-Pei is believed to have come from across the village of Tai Li within the southeast Kwangtung (now spelled Guangdong) Province. This goes way back to the Han Dynasty of about 200 B.C., the place statues from this time had been found which have fairly a powerful resemblance to the Shar-Pei.

It’s thought that Shar-Pei had been owned and bred by peasants and farmers and had been used as herders, hunters, and guarders of livestock in opposition to poachers and predators.

It’s additionally believed that the Shar-Pei was bred to protect the royal household and palace, however the major function of the Shar-Pei was to be multipurpose for the widespread folks.



The Shar-Pei was ultimately used for dogfighting, which is the place their uncommon pores and skin got here in fairly helpful. The unfastened pores and skin made it troublesome for different canines to injure the Shar-Pei as a result of they’d find yourself with a mouthful of pores and skin and never inflict a extra grievous damage. Their angle and tenacity made them good combating canines.

Nevertheless, Shar-Pei ultimately fell out of favor within the dogfighting world as a result of introduction of bigger Western breeds.

The Rarest Canine within the World

chocolate shar pei puppy

When China established communism in 1949, the federal government positioned a big tax on all canines and slaughtered a lot of the canine inhabitants.

This almost made the Shar-Pei extinct, and so they got the fairly unhappy title of being the rarest canine breed on this planet through the ‘60s and ‘70s by the “Guinness E book of World Data.”

A Plea for Assist

Just a few Shar-Pei had been launched to america in 1966, and in 1968, they had been registered by the Hong Kong Kennel Membership. In 1973, Matgo Legislation, who ran a kennel and bred Shar-Pei in Hong Kong, introduced the plight of the shortage of Shar-Pei to the world within the hopes of saving them.

In January 1979, LIFE journal revealed a difficulty with the Shar-Pei on the duvet, and curiosity in Shar-Pei took off. This saved the Shar-Pei, and so they had been formally acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership in 1992.

Shar-Pei Temperament

Shar-Pei are fantastic canines, however they’re solely advisable for knowledgeable canine homeowners. They’re exceptionally good and devoted however might be cussed and too intelligent for their very own good. The truth is, coaching and socializing the Shar-Pei as early as attainable is significant, or they’ll develop into a difficult dominant grownup.

Shar-Pei can develop into aggressive with out the correct socialization and training. However with the proper proprietor, they’re protecting and loving household companions which may benefit from the occasional snuggle.

A Few Fascinating Shar-Pei Details

  • Plural Kind: The plural type for Shar-Pei is Shar-Pei. There aren’t any Shar-Peis.
  • Blue-Black Tongue: Nobody really is aware of why Shar-Pei have blue-black tongues, nevertheless it’s thought that the tongues have extra localized pigmented cells there. It was as soon as believed that the blue-black tongues of the Chow Chow and Shar-Pei would keep off evil spirits. Nevertheless, it would shock you to be taught that not all Shar-Pei have coloured tongues.
  • Wrinkles:What causes the wrinkles? Hyaluronic acid is the perpetrator. The canine’s genes decide how a lot hyaluronic acid is of their our bodies. The extra hyaluronic acid they’ve, the extra wrinkles they’ve.
  • The Canine-God: Panhu was a dog-god with 5 completely different colours of fur that killed the enemy of a Chinese language emperor and was given the emperor’s daughter’s hand in marriage. Panhu was a Shar-Pei.

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It’s wonderful to suppose that the Shar-Pei breed has been round for over 2,000 years! They began as multipurpose canines that labored arduous for Chinese language peasants and farmers. They moved on to dogfighting and ultimately grew to become companions to many households world wide.

They want skilled homeowners to supply a agency however mild hand to assist information them to develop into loyal but tenacious canines. For those who’re searching for a loving canine that will probably be steadfast of their safety of you and your loved ones, you may’t go unsuitable with the Shar-Pei.

Featured Picture Credit score: style81, Pixabay

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