What To Look for When Buying a New Volkswagen


Buying a new vehicle is a big decision. For many people, it’s one of the most significant expenditures of their lives. Moreover, it’s an investment they’ll likely spend years paying off. During that time and beyond, people want and expect their new vehicles to perform as advertised, with minimal maintenance requirements.

Volkswagen is the second largest car company in the world, selling 9.3 million vehicles per year. Those numbers may be impressive, but they don’t quite answer the questions you may need to answer before you invest your money in a VW.

What Specs Do You Want the Vehicle to Offer?

When most buyers see a new Volkswagen for sale, they see a chance to invest in a vehicle that’s a proven winner. As you narrow in on a car, consider its capacity and power capabilities.

For instance, the VW Beetle and VW Golf are quick and sporty but not the classic choices for family vehicles. On the other hand, the VW Atlas features seating for seven with lots of room for extra storage. 

If you’re going to be using your VW for more aggressive driving scenarios, such as those that happen off the highway or main street, you will probably want an SUV. The Volkswagen Touareg features a 3.6L V6 engine that delivers 280 horsepower. Then, there’s the VW Jetta, which boasts 150 horsepower to go with its EPA-estimated 40 MPH/highway fuel efficiency.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in purchasing an electric vehicle (EV), you might consider a Volkswagen sedan or SUV EVs model.

How Much Are You Willing to Pay for the Vehicle?

Volkswagen prices vary by model. The 2023 Volkswagen Jetta, for instance, starts at just over $20,000, while the VW Golf R starts at about $45,000. The Volkswagen ID.4, an electric model, sells for about $39,000. 

Once you determine your willingness to pay, you can close in on the right vehicle for your lifestyle. One factor that can make this process easier is to consider your credit standing. Those with very good or excellent credit will quickly secure a loan at a favorable interest rate than those with poor credit.

How Does the Vehicle Rank in the Marketplace?

Volkswagen has a reputation for producing reliable, durable, and resale value vehicles. Indeed, Volkswagens tend to retain much of their value over time, depreciating only about 40 percent after three years of ownership. That’s because consumers recognize the importance when they see it. 

Today, Volkswagen continues to celebrate its past, such as the success of the VW Beetle, the best-selling vehicle of all time. But, at the same time, they have their eye on the future and aim to catch up with Tesla in the world EV market by 2025. Consequently, VW produced millions of EVs, including 452,000 in 2021 alone. 

Find Your Perfect Volkswagen

Buying a new vehicle is an important decision that should be made carefully. Then, when you’ve asked and answered the right questions about the usage and the amount of money you want to spend, you can close in on the perfect vehicle for your needs.

Whether you’re about to start a family or embark on a cross-country trip or love the idea of going electric, Volkswagens have you covered. Start your search for a VW today!

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