What to Expect From Your First Meeting with a Personal Injury Lawyer

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After an accident, one of the vital tasks is finding a personal injury lawyer to handle your claim. As Chicago personal injury lawyers, we boast extensive experience and skills that can help your case to a large extent.

However, you need to have the first meeting with our lawyers. If you have never talked to a lawyer before, you might think that it is an intimidating process, but it isn’t – you will have a conversation similar to what you have with a friend.

Before you meet us, keep in mind that the way you work with us might mean the difference between winning the lawsuit and losing out on your compensation. Our engagement means the difference between years of stress and uncertainty and a pleasant, quick, successful experience.

Let us look at the first consultation and how it goes.

It is similar to Meeting with Your Doctor.

Have you ever gone to the doctor’s clinic before? Working with a lawyer is similar to going for an appointment at the clinic. While the doctor will first review your medical history, the lawyer will review the legal history. The doctor will ask for previous medical documents to peruse; the lawyer will ask for evidence that you have about the accident.

Communication with the lawyer is crucial in determining what happens in future conversations.

You Need to Carry Along with Some Documents

It would help if you were prepared for the appointment with our lawyers. Before you come to the meeting, write down all the accident details that you can remember. If you don’t know what to carry along, you can call us to give you a checklist of the information we need.

Carry any notes you have, your medical reports, insurance papers, the doctor’s name and address, medication receipts, and any discharge forms in your possession.

If you took any photographs of the accident scene, the car, or your injuries, carry them along.

You will Sign Authorization.

During the first consultation meeting, our attorney will require that you sign a fee agreement and medical authorizations. The fee agreement is valid if you agree to our terms and decide to continue the claim with us. The medical authorization allows the lawyer to collect medical records related to the case.

We don’t charge for the first consultation until you agree to work with us. However, we wouldn’t advise you to take long before deciding. Remember, a prompt investigation by the lawyer might be crucial to the case.

If you meet our lawyer and are comfortable with the fee and the terms, you can sign the fee agreement and allow him to embark on the case.

All Your Questions Will Be Answered

The first meeting allows you to ask any questions, and we answer them in detail. Some won’t be answered with certainty because the right answers come as the case progresses. For instance, we might not be able to put a value on the possible value of compensation you will receive until we make further investigations.

Our Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers Are Ready to Help You

Do you have a personal injury claim that is making you stressed? Call us today to enjoy faster resolution and a higher payout because we have the experience and skills relevant to your claim.

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