What to Do When a Transformer Blows

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They are an essential component of modern suburban and urban electrical systems. You can find them in almost every North American neighbourhood. If they fail, it can cause a massive explosion which could have potentially fatal consequences. Therefore, it is essential to know what to DO if a transformer blows. On Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd knows how to keep safe when a transformer breaks down. These safety precautions should be taken if you are near a transformer.

It can be not very comforting not to be there when the transformer blows. They make a lot of noise and can produce a lot of smoke. If they are not appropriately treated, they can cause severe damage to your power supply and could even be fatal.

What does a Transformer do?

The power supply from the city’s electricity grid to nearby neighbourhoods is potent and unfit for use. The voltage is regulated by transformers, which reduce it to a safe level for use.

How do transformers work?

A power plant often generates large quantities of electricity. To reach homes and businesses, the electricity must travel along power lines. However, the voltage is too strong to travel into buildings. The voltage is regulated by transformers, which are drum-shaped objects mounted near or on top of electric poles.

Why do Transformers fail?

An electric transformer can explode for many reasons. The following are some possible causes of transformer explosions:

o Lightning strikes

o Overheating

o Wear and corrosion

o Anywhere along the line, damage to the electric system

o Power surges and failed safety devices

o Transformer inaccessible to animals or foreign objects

o Moisture

A transformer failure will often cause a loud boom, power outages, and a fireball, creating large smoke plumes.

What to do if an electrical transformer fails

It is essential to stay away from a transformer that has blown. Failed transformers can present some hazards. Anyone who isn’t a licensed and experienced service technician should stay away from them. Although it is most likely that the electrician knows about the transformer outage and the transformer failure, it is still helpful to give any additional information.

Call your power company immediately after you have verified the location of the blown transformer. To see the site of the blown transformer, go back to your building and use backup power generators or flashlights. It would help if you did not open refrigerators or freezers until the power is restored. You can quickly spoil food if you don’t keep the power off.

It is crucial to remain safe after the outage has been reported. Keep flashlights and candles handy, and know-how to get out of your building in darkness.

Depending on how severe the damage is, it can take workers anywhere from a few hours to several days to repair the problem and replace the transformer.

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