What to check for when comparing moving quotes?

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Luckily, so many professional moving companies offering services present out there to select from. But this also makes people feel confused in deciding which one is the right choice for them. One of the best ways to pick the right company and a fair deal is by collecting the best moving quotes. But comparing quotes is not at all easy. You have to compare countless numbers of things. If you are looking for a guide on what you should compare, then have a look here.   

Moving company charges 

Prices are the first thing that one has to check. Of course, everyone wants to pay as little as possible to the movers to transport their items to the new address. This is always the deciding factor to determine which movers are the best option for you. Not all the movers provide services at the same cost and also the charges of all will be different. 

Packing charges 

If you hire full-service movers, then packing will be done by the movers themselves, and you don’t have to worry about the same. So, they will charge an amount for the same. The amount varies according to the packing type you require and the stuff you want to be packed. Also, the more packing supplies will be required, the higher you have to pay to them. 

Transportation cost 

Transportation costs depend on the required vehicle size like if more is the stuff to transport, then it means a larger vehicle will be required for transportation, while on the other hand, for lesser stuff, the small size of a truck is enough. Also, local transportation requires less amount like the transportation within the same city or less than 100 miles, while interstate and long-distance move come with higher transportation charges.

Complexity charges 

Depending on the complexity of the relocation process, like if you possess any special items to transport such as motorcycle, piano, pool table and so on and other bulkier items, then additional charges will be added to the overall quote. In the same way, if movers have to carry items for longer when loading and unloading the stuff from the truck as they can’t part truck within 100 to 150 feet range to your front home door, and if there are stairs involved, then this might also be mentioned in the quote. If not, then it is time to clear all the points with the professionals so that both parties have no objections at the end of the process. 

Handling charges 

Movers will handle the entire job by themselves, and the workforce a move requires is huge. It takes time and energy to pack, load, and unload the entire stuff present in a home. Therefore, a column in the quote will define the handling charges you have to compare. 


There are different tax slabs applied in different states and countries. Usually, the tax slab is common for all movers depending on the region you live or want to move to. 


Depending on your stuff, movers might offer different insurance options. Now, the more convenient and best option for you depends completely on your preferences. Usually, full value insurance is a good option to opt for. 

Hidden charges 

There are also hidden charges that are not quoted or mentioned in the quotes, so it is better to ask and compare hidden charges in advance, so you don’t get any surprises later at the end of the process. 


The longer the distance is, the more fuel will be required. So, check the cost per mile. 

Services added 

Everyone will pay only for the services they require. Of course, if you will pack items by yourself, then you have to pay less. 

Additional factors to consider are the size of the load, the time you are considering to relocate, storage facility cost if required, and the additional services you require. Also, if the expedited delivery is very soon, the quote will vary again. 

Some of the most important questions to check when comparing movers are: 

● Are they licensed and insured or not?

● Since how long have they been in the same business

● Do they have a local or physical office present? If yes, then visit at least once. 

● Are they willing to provide their offerings and commitments in a written and legal manner? 

● Are they offering services by themselves, or does the company deal with the subcontractors to offer their services? 

● Check out the payment terms and all the terms and conditions. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

Going through all of the above-written steps does not guarantee that you have successfully found the right organization, but it will increase your chances of getting the right deal with the right movers. 

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