What styles can you adopt with your hat?

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The hat is a quintessential part of men’s fashion, but it has its origins in the military. It became popular as civilian headwear in late 18th century Europe, evolving from the tricorne hat worn by musketeers. Later during the Victorian era, it became common to wear hats for day-to-day activities, much like top hats and bowler hats.

Straw fedora hat styles are very much associated with summertime outfits because they are made out of straw or other breathable materials that allow your skin to breathe even if you are wearing them under bright sunlight. They also have wide brims that protect you from the beams of our star overhead. With all the great properties attributed to them, one can never go wrong with a white fedora hat. Here we will show you how you can wear one around this season.

The Basic White Straw Fedora Hat

In this look, the white straw fedora hat is accessorized well with an all-white outfit which consists of a long sleeve shirt, slacks, and oxfords. The shoes are plain lace-ups that have been given a top coat to achieve a shiny finish. You must wear the shirt and pants in their natural state without any layering or pattern, making them seem too casual for work attire. The classic necktie features brown diagonal lines that complement the light blue base color of the slacks while also adding personality to your outfit via its unique design. To finish off this look, you can choose to wear a watch or carry around a smartphone.

White is such a versatile color; wearing an all-white outfit is like having your portable spotlight on yourself. As seen here, the bright shade of white goes well with brown accessories to break up the monotony; however, it also mixes well with other colors, especially those found in nature, such as sky blue and grass green tones. For instance, if you want to keep it simple and don’t want to accessorize much, you can swap out the shirt for striped but still the same color family as the rest of your outfit. Keep everything else plain, though, so as not to overshadow your hat.


Keep it simple Make sure the fedora is clean and well-groomed. Accessorize with brown or black items

The Striped Shirt and Fedora Hat Combo

Here we see a striped shirt worn underneath a light brown dress coat. If you do not want to accessorize much and don’t like wearing ties, then this look would be perfect for you as it features a minimal layering of dark colors. The white fedora hat that has been worn atop the head brings out the blue tones present in both the shirt and jacket while also drawing attention to the face, making it perfect for photos. This outfit could be paired up with casual loafers, but there is no harm in adding on a little bit more polish to it by wearing oxfords instead.

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The Denim and Fedora Hat Combo

Blue is such a calming color, which makes it perfect for casual outfits like this one here. Wear the soft blue denim shirt underneath an unbuttoned grey blazer, and the combination of colors works very well together as the two contrast each other quite nicely. This outfit will best suit day-to-day activities because its comfort level is through the roof – all thanks to the breathable materials used in these items.

To keep yourself looking dapper, though, without overdoing your look, you can proceed to accessorize with the classic fedora hat and brown leather. It’ll complete your look while.

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