What Really Works on Instagram to get More Followers

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Instagram followers are more than just a number on the top of your page. They are part of your entire brand, and the kind of audience you have can change everything. There are many shortcuts to get more followers on Instagram, but most do not work. The algorithm keeps updating to filter out weak follower lists with bots and paid likes. If you want more followers on Instagram, we have some great tips and tricks that really work.

If your audience feels disengaged from your content, then the number of followers does not matter. The story just doesn’t add up if a beauty blogger is talking about the Spectrum online payment center. It is important to define a tone for your Instagram page and always be relevant to it. You can follow this easy guide to create better content for your followers:

#1: The Right Marketing Strategy

More followers do not necessarily mean more success. If your account has many followers, but you are not getting what you want out of it, then it is all in vain. The first step after making an Instagram account is to develop a proper marketing strategy. You should think about why you want to get more followers.

Suppose you want to boost your brand’s sales or get more traffic on the website, link to it. All the content you produce should have an aim. If you understand what you want from it, you can add the right call to action, and it will work. The right marketing strategy will get you more followers in the long run as more people find their way to you.

#2: Target Audience

Many Instagram users ignore their target audience and try to be relevant to everyone. It is impractical and not going to work. The most important thing is to know who your audience is before you strive for more followers. You need to know who you are posting for so the content is more relatable. The age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, profession, and pain points of your audience all matter. If you know these things, you can bring forth the right solutions to the right problems.

#3: Use Keywords and Hashtags

We cannot stress enough the importance of an optimized Instagram page. Your social media pages should also use relevant keywords for popping up in searches. Keywords and optimization are not just for your website. The Instagram ‘explore’ page is often neglected by users, but it is the most important. Your keywords and hashtags will appear in the right categories if you use them correctly.

Think of your Instagram page as your home or landing page for incoming users. In this case, even the profile picture and bio are important. If someone comes to your page through a keyword, they should find the right content corresponding to that keyword. So, make sure that you optimize your Instagram profile and focus on your niche.

#4: Location and User Tags

Instagram shows content by area as well as category. So, if you have taken a photo in London, you should tag the location on your post. If it was outside Buckingham Palace, tag the relevant user ID on Instagram for that place. The more relevant tags you put in, the more chances your post will pop up in the right places. It is not a desperate call for attention; it is strategizing well, so Instagram knows what your post is about.

#5: Post at Regular Intervals

You can decide when and how much you want to post on Instagram. You have to make sure that your posts are not irregular or made at odd times. Your followers also have a schedule, and sometimes the posts at odd times will just become invisible to them. You will lose the engagement from your current followers as well. Approximately 200 million people use Instagram daily, so it is not a bad option to post multiple times in a day. This will increase your horizon and spread your content out to different people.

You should not post more than a few times in the day as it can look like spam. Striking the right balance with your Instagram posting schedule can be important. Analyze the time of day your posts get the most engagement, and then capitalize by posting on that time.

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