What Is The Process Of Clearing And Forwarding?


Almost all businesses need a trustworthy partner that can help them receive and send items over long distances. Whether you need someone to bring in supplies or send your items securely, it is essential to find a clearing and forwarding agent and forwarding partner that you can trust to offer efficient and affordable services. If your business regularly needs to fulfill long-distance orders or receive shipments, learn more about our parcel forwarding Canada (Push It North).

When looking for a company you can trust to act on your behalf and run an efficient operation that will not cause you headaches, the right company will ensure your clients are satisfied by meeting your time and quality guarantees. Read on to learn more about clearing and forwarding agents and forwarding agents and the process itself.

Hiring A Clearing Agent

Most countries have very strict and complex regulations governing customs. Usually, businesses hire local accredited agents who can handle the entire process on their behalf. The agent will consult with the customs authorities and border agencies. The agent can be a company or an independent contractor hired by the freight forwarder or client.

Arranging Document Transfers at Customs

Your clearing and forwarding agent will handle the often time-consuming and hectic process. They will know how to move cargo efficiently, avoid disputes, make careless errors, or get jammed. The agent ensures they have all the necessary documents, including the bill of lading, bill of entry, buying order, sales invoice, and certificate of origin. Some countries require that documents accompany particular cargo before being cleared to leave the port for its destination.

Reputable clearing and forwarding agent agents are detail-oriented, highly organized, and up to date with the latest customer requirements in their country. They rarely experience complications.

Paying Duty and Value-Added Tax (VAT)

You will need to pay duty and value-added tax on your cargo at its entry into a foreign country. Customs duty is charged on imported goods. Its rate depends on the type and value of goods being imported. Value-added tax is a consumption tax placed on products and different parts of the supply chain. Your clearing and forwarding agent and forwarding agent agents will pay both taxes during entry and then bill you for the cost.

Avoiding Demurrage Charges

Demurrage charges are fines charged on cargo that has overstayed its two or three days free collection period. Your clearing and forwarding agent will ensure that your cargo does not sit in a terminal for longer than necessary because any costs incurred are incurred. Efficient agents know how to push their cargo through costumes and avoid surcharges.

Duties of Your Forwarding Agent

Forwarding agents ensure that cargo reaches its destination securely and in time. Since you cannot oversee all delivery aspects alone, forwarding agents oversee transport logistics.

Selecting Insurance

When shipping cargo, there are various types of insurance packages to consider. Agents have a thorough understanding of all the types of insurance and will select the most secure and cost-effective option. Insurance is particularly complicated when handling multifaceted deliveries with sea, land, and air transport aspects.


Businesses typically can oversee how their goods are packaged for transportation. Your forwarding agent will assess the cargo and special packaging to guarantee secure transportation.

Carrier Selection

Forwarding agents are in charge of selecting transportation providers for the entire delivery. Multifaceted deliveries are particularly complicated because they often involve land, air, and sea deliveries.

Route Selection

Businesses are hard-pressed to select the most advantageous route for transporting their cargo. It is easier to rely on forwarding agents because they have a lot of knowledge and experience dealing with international shipping routes, weather concerns, suppliers, customs, etc.

How To Choose The Right Clearing and Forwarding Agents

Your clearing and forwarding agents will be responsible for ensuring your cargo travels efficiently, quickly, and affordably. Ensure you select an agent that prioritizes clear communication and is easy to get a hold of whenever you have a concern. They must be devoted to offering assistance and support. No one wants to work with agents who only appear to issue the final bill. Most seamless operations have timely communication.

When selecting clearing and forwarding agents, choose the best you can afford because you will be entrusting them with your precious cargo. Reputable agents have good visibility that allows you to track your cargo every step of the journey using proprietary software. These expenses make most clearing and forwarding agents quite pricey but effective.

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