What is the Difference Between FiveM and GTA Online


If you’re a GTA V fanatic, you have been exposed to the world of third-party servers that make your gaming experience better than the rest. Several players out there use the GTA Online server to have a multiplayer experience. However, over time, it has been discovered that GTA Online does not have a lot of features that the FiveM servers do.

If you’re new to gaming and third-party servers and are confused about which one to pick, you can always compare two servers to come to the perfect conclusion. To continue reading, you’ll see how GTA Online differs from the FiveM servers.

Evident Differences Between FiveM and GTA Online

fivem maps

Before we dive into the differences between the two servers, let’s first understand them. While the FiveM was designed and modified to allow players to have a realistic multiplayer experience on customized or dedicated modification servers, the GTA Online has a more animated feel for players, limiting the user experience.

Player Limits

When we talk about the number of players you can include in a multiplayer game, the FiveM server doesn’t have a server, whereas when you’re playing on a GTA Online server, you cannot have more than 30 players at a time.

Time Limits

Imagine getting up for a bathroom break or a quick snack, and you get kicked out of the lobby in 15 minutes. It doesn’t sound interesting. On a GTA Online server, this is what happens if you’re inactive for 15 minutes. However, a FiveM server has no time limit, and you can quickly move around the house without worrying about getting kicked out of a lobby!

Free for All

FiveM is one of the best GTA RP servers. The FiveM servers feature several GTA five premium scripts and several modes that you can make operational. In addition to all these features, the FiveM servers are free to play. However, you have to make payments to access a GTA Online server. Therefore, accessing a FiveM server feels like the better choice for people on a tight budget!

If you’re on a budget and are looking for ways to start your journey in the gaming world, using the FiveM Server might be the right pick for you. However, you don’t have to stop there. Customize your servers with the FiveM Store and get your hands on a number of products, including premium scripts, gaming modes, weapons, customized maps, and more.

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