What is NCERT Full Form?


When you hear the word NCERT, you may ask, “What is NCERT?” NCERT is a research and training organization that develops national curriculum frameworks, textbooks, syllabi, and educational materials. NCERT works round the clock to provide education for all citizens, regardless of background or class.

NCERT is an educational research and training organization

NCERT is an educational research and training organization in India. It focuses on research in different fields, especially in education. It also conducts bilateral cultural exchange programs and interacts with international organizations. The organization also offers different training facilities for teachers and education officials. The main focus of the NCERT is teacher education.

The NCERT conducts education surveys and national talent search examinations, awards national awards for experimental and innovative practices, organizes national science exhibitions, produces national-level media programs, and publishes various academic books and general publications.

It develops a national curriculum framework.

The NCERT is in the process of developing the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). This process involves a 360-degree decentralized consultation process, with the States and UTs playing a pivotal role. The framework aims to increase learning and shift the focus from rote methods to more authentic learning.

The NCERT developed the NCF based on recommendations of the National Policy on Education (NPE-1986). As it is a living document, it must be updated and reviewed to meet the student’s needs. The first NCF was drafted in 1975, and the last one was revised in 2005.

It develops textbooks and syllabi.

NCERT is a government-sponsored organization that develops curricula and textbooks for school students. It was founded in 1961 by the Department of Education of India. The organization was merged with seven other central institutions to form the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). In addition to textbooks, NCERT publishes supplementary materials, educational kits, and digital multimedia materials. NCERT textbooks are used in most CBSE schools throughout India.

The NCERT’s mission is to develop textbooks and educational materials that will help teachers meet the needs of students of different levels. In addition to textbooks, the organization also produces supplementary readers for schoolchildren as part of the National Integration Series and Reading to Learn Series. These supplementary readers are designed to promote healthy reading habits among young readers. The NCERT also develops National Curriculum Frameworks that reflect the policy directives of the National Policy on Education. These documents are supposed to guide the textbook development program. Finally, NCERT also aims to create textbooks that reflect contemporary societal concerns.

It works round the clock to provide equal education.

NCERT is an institute that develops syllabuses and textbooks. It also publishes educational kits, journals, and digital materials. It also organizes workshops to help teachers use the latest teaching methods. It serves as the sole decision-maker for school education in India. Its officials strive to ensure that all children get the same level of education, regardless of their caste or community.

It has a comprehensive extension program.

NCERT, the National Council for Educational Research and Training, is a government-sponsored research and development organization that conducts educational experiments and research. Its primary mandate is to assist the Indian government with matters related to education. In addition, it collaborates with state-level educational institutions and national bodies to develop textbooks, syllabi, and other teaching materials for schools and colleges. The organization also runs training programs for teachers.

NCERT is a large publishing house where model textbooks, handbooks, and supplementary reading materials are published. The NCERT alsoitss research and outreach by conducting teacher training programs, collaborating with international organizations, and inviting foreign delegations to India. It also conducts several programs to identify and support gifted children in rural areas.