What is Ghaaneh Super Negin Saffron Known For?


Saffron is an exquisite spice that adds rich flavors to many dishes while providing medicinal benefits. However, harvesting and preparing Saffron requires expertise. The Amazing fact about price of real saffron.

Our Iranian Super negin saffron is of premium quality. It is distinguished by a deep red color, rich aroma, and long, thin, symmetrically cut strands.


Saffron is a highly valued spice derived from the stigmas of the saffron flower, famed for its deep red color and distinct flavor profile. Packed with high levels of crocin – responsible for its unique taste and aroma -quality saffron can be measured by various criteria, including its aroma, color, and texture.

Saffron comes in different grades, each one offering its characteristics. Generally speaking, higher-quality Saffron will cost more. But its quality can also depend on how it’s prepared and dried – there are various methods available, and each way may bring its benefits and drawbacks.

The most prevalent method for producing Saffron involves drying its threads either manually or with special drying machines. The method chosen will affect both its color and flavor; when done manually, it may not have as vibrant hues, while when dried using a machine, it can also be compressed under heat and humidity conditions to make it flat and easier to use (known as Ironed Saffron).

Eyjan provides premium quality saffron at competitive prices and directly to their customers, giving them access to this premium spice at unbeatable prices. Furthermore, Eyjan saffron is grown on first-hand farms in Iran for added quality assurance.

Eyjan saffron is renowned for its premium quality and is available worldwide. Cultivated on Iran’s finest agricultural land and free from pesticides and chemicals, Eyjan’s premium spice can be purchased by the gram, ounce, pound, or kilogram – perfect for gourmet chefs looking to add intense flavors with vibrant hues to their recipes!


Saffron is one of the world’s most expensive spices, known for its distinctive flavor, deep red hue, and potential health benefits. It is packed with crocin – responsible for giving it its characteristic taste and shade – and other beneficial compounds such as safranal and picocrocin that may offer health advantages; plus, it may possess antidepressant or anxiety-relieving properties; it is used in various culinary dishes, from rice dishes to ice cream treats!

There are various varieties of Saffron, each offering its distinct taste and color. Persian Saffron produced in Iran is considered to be of the highest quality available. Harvesting for this variety takes place through handpicking, the cultivation process is closely monitored, and the best stripping method and drying techniques are used, all contributing to producing this delicious result.

Color of Saffron Depends on Broken Stigmas The color of Saffron depends on how many broken stigmas have been broken; more broken stigmas will yield darker-hued Saffron. Soaking times vary; typically, around 240 to 290 Saffron Threads are used per kilogram produced and dried either manually or using special equipment; the manual drying method provides optimal color retention and flavor retention.

Pressed Saffron refers to Saffron that has been compressed under heat and pressure to extract any remaining water, creating more brittle material than non-pressed varieties and possibly boasting an unusual aroma.

Iranian Saffron can be divided into various grades depending on its color and other attributes. Super negin is considered the highest grade, known for its deep red hue, potency, aesthetic appeal, rarity, and culinary versatility, often used in gourmet cooking applications.

Narin is the next highest grade, which features more yellow and orange threads than super negin and costs more.


ghaaneh premium saffron

Saffron adds an earthy and floral harmony that tantalizes both tastebuds and senses, offering a sophisticated combination of earthy and floral aromas and flavors that tantalize both taste buds and senses. Our Khorasan region of Iran-grown saffron is produced without chemical fertilizers or pesticides and hand-harvested at first light in late November for optimal quality culinary and medicinal uses. Crocus flowers must be handpicked and dried slowly before being carefully sorted according to strict quality standards to ensure we achieve premium-grade Saffron!  Find out the best info about ghaaneh premium saffron.

Eyjan saffron uses only high-grade Saffron from top Iranian farmers, packed into metal and glass boxes designed to protect it from air, light, and moisture that could degrade its flavor and coloring power. Our premium grade saffron stands out with its deep red color, intense aroma, and long thin threads with minimal broken stigmas and crumbs – these traits combine to make ours the most potent, costly, and visually pleasing option available on the market today. Our packaging protects each thread against air, light, or moisture damage while protecting its flavor and coloring power over time – something many others do not do well!

One key factor contributing to the quality of Saffron is its drying method. Different drying techniques produce different color and aroma characteristics; naturally, dried Saffron has more golden hues and delicate aromas, while dryer machines create darker Saffron with less coloring power.

SunLand closely oversees every stage of saffron cultivation, from cultivation to processing, on the same day to ensure freshness. We utilize our proprietary drying technique that preserves natural nutrients and beneficial compounds like safranal (aroma) and picrocrocin (flavor) while still offering high coloring power in our saffron products.

The Saffron we offer is of premium grade, making it suitable for use in all kinds of food and beverages. Add it to rice, risotto, and other dishes for an enhanced and unique flavor experience, or create delicious antidepressant and sedative tea using this versatile spice!


Saffron may be one of the world’s most costly spices, yet it also boasts impressive health benefits. Antioxidants found in Saffron may help combat oxidative stress and slow aging while improving mood and sexual function and decreasing PMS symptoms and menstrual pain. However, use should be undertaken cautiously since high doses could prove fatal.

Saffron can be linked with numerous health advantages due to its abundance of antioxidants like crocin and crocetin, which help combat aging, protect brain tissue from dementia, reduce inflammation and arthritis symptoms, and elevate mood by increasing serotonin production – potentially making you happier overall!

Saffron can also be an effective treatment for depression. Additionally, it has also proven useful in helping children who have ADD and ADHD increase their focus and concentration while improving immune system functionality and relieving insomnia symptoms. Furthermore, some types of cancer, including breast and prostate cancers, can be treated using this remedy.

Pregnant women can also benefit from yoga during their gestation. It may help alleviate some of the undesirable pregnancy-related symptoms such as irritability and fatigue, treat premenstrual syndrome (PMS) by relieving symptoms like pain, cravings, and anxiety, as well as help them achieve weight loss by curbing appetite and increasing metabolism.

Saffron comes in various grades on the market, each one boasting its own set of qualities. Sargol and Negin are two of the highest quality Iranian varieties; Sargol features red stigmas without yellow or orange threads, while Negin features fewer broken strands and crumbs.

Ghaaneh premium saffron is an excellent way to enjoy all of its healthful properties without breaking the bank. Cultivated and harvested on farms that specialize in producing this delicate crop, Ghaaneh boasts the highest coloring power with superior aroma and flavor profile – making it the ideal choice for those who appreciate quality saffron products at an affordable price.

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