What Is a Percussion Massager Gun and How to Use It Properly

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If you’re a regular at the gym or if you love to watch sports, you’ve probably seen someone using a fancy massager gun on themselves or their clients. It might seem fun or even painful at times, but what is this mysterious device? Here’s all you need to know about so-called percussion massage and the guns that deliver it. Also, you’ll learn a little bit about how to use and when to use percussion massage.

What is a percussion massager gun?

A massager gun is a handheld device with a handle and a kicker that delivers a series of short but rapid strokes to the area where you point it. Thanks to the speed and force of the hits, it can be used for deep muscle massage that helps with pain relief, relaxation and tissue repair. Percussion massage is also very beneficial for circulation and relaxing stiff muscles. While massage therapists can use their hands to “chop” at your body, these massager guns can deliver a much deeper, faster and more precise massage (up to 3000 hits per minute).

How do they work?

The science behind massager guns is based on the gate control theory of pain. This states that non-painful stimuli (such as light hits and vibration) can eliminate pain. Most people are very much surprised by the sensation of the percussive massage when using the gun for the first time, but this is actually not new technology. Body vibrations and percussion have long been used by NASA and the sports industry to boost performance, treat injuries and prevent bone deterioration.

Massager guns are also great at flushing lactic acid out of the body. During the day (either due to exercise or long sedentary periods), lactic acid builds up in the muscles, causing a stiff or aching sensation. To flush that bad stuff from the body, percussion massage is a great solution and with massager guns, you can perform it at home, at the gym or the office.

Benefits of massage guns

Percussive massage has many benefits, but it’s mostly used for the recovery process during muscle injury due to trauma, disease and surgery. During the massage process, muscles contract which helps strengthen them and recover. A great benefit of percussive massage is that it can be used on people with partial or full paralysis since they are unable to participate in exercise yet their muscles will still contract and not atrophy.

In many cases, percussion therapy and massager guns are recommended as secondary treatments for many issues because they are safe, easy, fast and enjoyable. Many people who use it report lower levels of stress, better sleep and much less pain. If you’re considering getting a massager gun, it’s important to invest in a quality percussion massager that’s tested by professionals and designed to satisfy every user. Buying bad products will just waste your money or worse, make your injuries more painful.

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When to use massager guns?

If used for warm-up to boost the blood flow to the muscles, use your massager gun on your whole body or muscles you’re planning to exercise. Use it for 1 or 2 minutes on the main muscles and 30 seconds on the supporting muscles. Percussion massage can also be used for recovery the same way. This is great for cooling down, reducing inflammation and minimizing post-workout muscle soreness. If you want to use your massager gun for therapeutic purposes, it’s best to consult with a professional to show you the exact positions and times.

How to use a massage gun?

Massager gun use is very straight forward and anyone can use these machines. However, these massagers are intense, so it’s important how best to place them and which behaviors to avoid to prevent injury. It’s important to read the instructions on your device before you start using it so you can learn all the quirks of the device. In general, massager guns shouldn’t be used on bony areas, areas that went through a skeletal injury (sprain or strain) as well as open wounds and bruises. Massager guns are not designed to be used on the head, face and chest, but it’s also smart to avoid the front of the neck to avoid injuries to the carotid artery and larynx. Percussion therapy is best performed on the naked skin with massage oil on it, but if you have any clothing over the area, make sure it’s not overly loose to prevent strangulation or injury.

All in all, massager guns are amazing tools for relaxation and recovery for athletes, office workers, injured people and all who love a good massage. If you invest in a good device, you’ll reap many benefits.

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