What is a Fortnight?


Fortnights are units of time that are equal to 14 days. They are named after the Old English term fourteen niht, which means “fourteen nights.” In other words, a fortnight is 14 days. This term was first used in the 1500s to define the length of a day.

Unit of time

In British English, a fortnight is a time unit of fourteen days. This time unit is used primarily in Britain and Commonwealth countries. In North America, however, it is used rarely. American and Canadian payroll systems may instead use the term biweekly. But the term fortnight has been used as far back as the eleventh century.

For astronomers, the term fortnight is derived from the Latin novem + annus (a month) + -sum (a month). A fortnight has 14 days. One centimeter in a fortnight is equal to one furlong. As a result, the unit helps measure the snail’s pace. In an average year, a snail’s pace is one furlong per minute.


A fortnight is fourteen days. It comes from the Old English term for “fourteen nights.” The words fortnightly and biweekly are common in English-speaking countries, though they are not used as frequently as a fortnight. For example, American payroll systems sometimes use the term biweekly, although this should not be confused with bimonthly.

A fortnight is fourteen consecutive days that end with a new week. However, the phrase is often used to describe the end of a week. This article will explore the different synonyms of the term.


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‘A fortnight’ is fourteen days. You might have heard of it, but you’re not quite sure what it means. Luckily, there are a few ways to make it more clear. First, let’s define the word for a fortnight.

Related words

A fortnight is fourteen days or two weeks. Many words have some relationship to a fortnight. For instance, the word “weekend” could also be related to the word “fortnight.” So it’sword you’re searching for may be in the word list.

The four most common words that relate to a fortnight are week, weekday, midweek, and weekend. These words are helpful to use for describing the period. For example, when a fortnight starts on a Saturday, the first day of the week will be Monday.