What Fashion Was Popular in the 60s?


what fashion was popular in the 60sThe 1960s brought with it a whole new generation of fashion and style. The anti-fashion era was soon to become mainstream. Young people attending the Woodstock festival wore psychedelic colors, sixties style shifts, and wigs as hairpieces. Still, they wore the latest styles in stores. The tye-dye trend became very popular. These were the most influential decades in fashion history.


Before the 1960s, young women were expected to dress like their parents. Many Sears catalogs even featured moms and daughters in identical dresses. However, the swinging sixties brought about significant social change. Women of this generation were self-aware and embraced their individuality. They wanted to look youthful and free of rules that dictated what was appropriate for them.

Long, lean lines

The 60s saw the emergence of new styles in clothing. The 1960s saw the introduction of the full skirt with a defined waist, which often reached below the knee or mid-calf. The waist was accented with ruching, ribbon trims, and cummerbands. Clothing featured a long, lean silhouette. A boxy jacket and a sheath dress accentuated the long, lean lines.

Animal prints

Known for their funky appeal, animal prints came back in the 1960s. The hippie movement gave new meaning to the fashion trend. Instead of focusing on a sophisticated look, the fashion of the 1960s was more “wild and free.” The trend was made more appealing by introducing new colors and testing the limits. Today, animal prints remain a popular fashion choice. And with a new generation of animal-inspired fashions, it will remain so.

Flared trousers

In the 1960s and 70s, flared trousers were a huge fashion trend. They were also known as boot-cuts, though they were not as wide. Today, flared trousers are back in fashion and are enriched with ruffles and embellishments. You can find flared pants on the runways of top fashion designers and in the collections of many major high-street brands. They are back in style with the rebellious spirit of the 60s and 70s.

Bell bottoms

Bell bottoms were first made popular during the ’60s and spread to other parts of the world by the ’70s. They were flared at the calf with a curved hem. The bottom of the leg opens about 18 inches, and they were usually worn with Cuban-heeled shoes or clogs. Toni Basil wore bell bottoms with a baby doll blouse in the 1964 movie “The Brady Bunch.” It is also mentioned in a 1971 song by Derek and the Dominos.


During the 1960s, shirts were one of the most popular pieces of clothing. The mock-neck blouse was a classic and was often worn with a shell or shorts. Long-sleeved black turtlenecks were the uniform of the Beatniks in the USA and London. Shirts were also often pointed or had large roll collars. Many young people also wore shirt collars that pointed inward to draw attention. These shirts were usually paired with matching solid-colored pants.


When it comes to footwear, the 1960s saw a great deal of innovation. The hippie counter-culture brought a basic sandal style to the American streets. The so-called “Jesus” sandals were simple leather v-straps made by street artisans. In addition, the era saw a renewed interest in ethnic style, naturalism, and comfort. These revolutionary sandals became a staple of American youth, as well as fashion editors. Today, sandals have remained popular for decades.

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