What Does a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

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An automobile accident, or any other form of accident, can be one of the most traumatic events of your life. It can leave major physical and emotional scars that may or may not heal with time. As a result, holding the individual who caused the accident responsible for their conduct may be in your best interests.

Consider what a personal injury lawyer does and why you might need one in Texas (or anywhere, for that matter). A personal injury lawyer will look into the specifics of your case to see how best to resolve it in your favor.

It may be essential to go to trial and seek a jury award in some instances. However, a settlement can reach in many circumstances without going to court.

  1. Provides you free consultation while discussing your whole case in the first meeting

When you contact an attorney in Texas, the personal injury process begins. The attorney will most likely schedule a free consultation with you when you get it. This meeting will last between 30 and 60 minutes. The attorney will go through the facts of your case with you and advise you on your legal choices during the meeting. You’ll also figure out if you and the attorney are suitable for working together.

It’s a good idea to bring as many documents as possible to your consultation. Documents could contain police reports, medical bills, X-rays, and photographs. All of this information will assist the attorney in determining whether or not you have a valid claim.

After the consultation, the attorney will tell you to represent you. If you both agree that the attorney is the best person to help you with your case, you will sign an agreement to begin working together.

  1. Investigates your claim

After you and your lawyer have decided to work together, the lawyer will begin working on your case immediately. However, an investigation into the accident is likely to have already been conducted. Your attorney would conduct their research if you were involved in a car accident.

To do so, they’ll contact anyone else who was involved in the car accident and request a statement. In addition, An attorney talks to anyone who witnessed the event, gathers accident reports and consults their network of experts. For example, an attorney might hire an accident reconstruction specialist to figure out what happened. Then, to evaluate responsibility, these professionals examine images from the incident and computer technologies.

All personal injury cases are based on the concept of liability. Therefore, while your lawyer is investigating, they are also attempting to discover who is responsible.

  1. Completes your entire documentation regarding Damages

Damages is another idea that all personal injury cases have a debate on. The damages in a personal injury claim are any losses you suffered due to the accident. There is no case if there are no losses.

It is critical to quantify these harms accurately. You may end yourself paying out of pocket for injuries and losses you are not liable for if you ask for too little in damages. On the other hand, the insurance company or the judge may hold it against you if you ask for too much.

As a result, your lawyer will work diligently to document the actual damages you have suffered. To do so, they’ll gather medical bills and invoices, pay stubs showing how much money you’ve lost from work, and accurately assess your pain and suffering, among other things. All of this points to the amount of money you should seek in your injury case.

  1. Files the lawsuit

Your attorney will tell the defendant and their insurance carrier, if necessary, of your claim before filing a lawsuit. They will strive to strike an agreement at this time. Your lawyer and the other party will negotiate, with each side offering numbers they are comfortable with and either accepting or rejecting the offer.

At this time, the majority of personal injury lawsuits settle. Case settlement is frequently in the wounded party’s favor. Those who have some injuries obtain compensation sooner due to a payment, which helps pay for medical costs and other expenditures that usually mount. However, there are times when the at-fault party and your lawyer are unable to reach an arrangement.

When this occurs, it is preferable to go to trial. You will have another chance to settle after filing a lawsuit in most circumstances. It’s critical to demonstrate to the opposing party that you’re serious about the case and about receiving the just compensation you deserve. Filing a lawsuit sends a clear statement in this direction.

When bringing a lawsuit, the first step is to serve the at-fault party with a summons. Your lawyer will be able to tell you which Texas court to file this in. Next, the damages you have suffered will be listed in this formal complaint. The defendant then has a set period to respond to the summons.

  1. Tries settling without a court

The willingness of either side in your injury case will be influenced by the facts and evidence presented. They may be more ready to settle if you have substantial evidence implicating the at-fault party. If they have proof that you were partially to blame for the accident, on the other hand, you may be more prepared to accept a lower amount.

If you reach an agreement, the other party may require you to sign a release, especially with an insurance company. According to this press statement, the matter has been settled and is now final. You will not be able to request more remuneration after signing this contract. As a result, you must comprehend the full extent of your injuries. As well as how much they’ll cost now and in the months and years ahead.

  1. Attends all the trials

The lawsuit will go to trial if mediation fails and the two sides cannot agree on a fair settlement. Depending on what was asked and supplied, a judge will hear all the civil proceedings. You are at the mercy of the Texas courts during your trial. Hearing dates can be scheduled and then postponed as the case progresses according to the court’s timeline and schedule. One of the critical reasons why tests take so much longer than settlement negotiations is this.

After all, parties have had an opportunity to present their cases, a judge or jury will decide who is to blame. They will also evaluate how much compensation you are entitled to if they rule in your favor.

Hire a personal injury lawyer


If you are also considering filing a lawsuit, hire a personal injury lawyer today who will bring an objective, knowledgeable perspective to your case. An attorney will keep an eye on all the timings and procedures, ensuring that you receive the right amount of compensation.

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